Antonyms for unacceptable

decorous, divine, peerless, sufficient, good, recherche, excellent, unsurpassable, habitable, defendable, Fitted, livable, mean, right, unequaled, capital, sustainable, unsurpassed, rare, bearable, indifferent, swell, becoming, common, deserving, fabulous, superlative, adequate, superb, fine, permissible, ducky, top, polite, suitable, proper, exceptional, genteel, happy, inhabitable, correct, all-right, satisfactory, justifiable, premium, unexceptional, allowable, tolerable, agreeable, received, seemly, stellar, unmatched, nice, passable, special, nifty, keen, endurable, select, pretty, Jake, so-so, slick, hunky-dory, classic, classical, fitting, ordinary, terrific, run-of-the-mine, choice, heavenly, unparalleled, run-of-the-mill, great, admissible, supernal, gratifying, respectable, perfect, decent, medium, O.K., fit, middling, grand, second class, tenable, copacetic, fancy, noble, boss, prime, incomparable, worthy, minimal, sterling, wonderful, acceptable, fairish, appropriate, first class, unimpeachable, banner, useful, splendid, unrivaled, unobjectionable, only, de rigueur, jim-dandy, better, superior, matchless, crackerjack, unexampled, meet, high-grade, first-rate, palatable, top-notch, inimitable, par excellence, befitting, nonpareil, tip-top, felicitous, sensational, delicate, groovy, bankable, alright, apt, standard, defensible, dainty, fair, average, serviceable, dandy, borderline, A1, maintainable, exquisite, sufferable, marvelous, mediocre, supportable, meritorious, satisfying, second-rate, unexceptionable, neat, bang up, elegant, applicable.

Quotes of unacceptable

  1. I have always thought it morally unacceptable to kill stories, not to run stories, that people have risked their lives to get. – Christiane Amanpour
  2. It's inappropriate and vulgar and absolutely unacceptable to use your private life to sell anything commercially. – Lauren Bacall
  3. Open your newspaper- any day of the week- and you will find a report from somewhere in the world of someone being imprisoned, tortured or executed because his opinions or religion are unacceptable to his government. – Peter Benenson
  4. We're the acceptable edge of the unacceptable stuff. – Peter Buck
  5. You just have to stand and grit your teeth and know your poll numbers are going to go down- and mine have- but you gotta grit through it because the alternative is unacceptable – Chris Christie
  6. These guys were the real owners of the country, and for them to discuss with this young guy who becomes a member of the government was absolutely unacceptable – Anatoly Chubais
  7. It's unacceptable to just sit on the couch and say I'm not doing anything. You've got to get out and do everything you can. – Owen Hart
  8. Being right too soon is socially unacceptable – Robert A. Heinlein
  9. The status quo is simply unacceptable – Brad Henry
  10. John Paul II made it clear that... liberation theology based on the teaching of Jesus Christ was necessary, but liberation theology that used a Marxist analysis was unacceptable – Claudio Hummes
  11. Keeping small nations enslaved because of the deals between the great nations or because of any pragmatic considerations that might have been there are totally unacceptable – Mikhail Saakashvili
  12. Currently a level of unemployment of 7 percent or more seems to be required to keep inflation from accelerating, a level quite unacceptable as a permanent situation. – William Vickrey
  13. We can guess that the unacceptable conduct of the soldiers at Abu Ghraib resulted in part from the dangerous state of affairs on the ground in a theater of war. – John Yoo

Usage examples for unacceptable

  1. The Senate hinted to him that a present of the instrument would not be unacceptable so Galileo took the hint and made another for them. – Pioneers of Science by Oliver Lodge
  2. Vernon was a zealous Whig, and not personally unacceptable to the chiefs of his party. – The History of England from the Accession of James II. Volume 5 (of 5) by Thomas Babington Macaulay
  3. He has a warm soul within him,- a soul not unacceptable to heaven! – Our World, or, The Slaveholders Daughter by F. Colburn Adams
  4. People frequently alluded in those days to the fact that in the last Anglo- American War of 1812- 1814, the English, very shortly before the peace settlement, had proposed unacceptable peace terms which they suddenly allowed to drop later. – My Three Years in America by Johann Heinrich Andreas Hermann Albrecht Graf von Bernstorff
  5. Annie thought he was dead, and that her offering, like Cain's, had proved unacceptable on high. – Secret Bread by F. Tennyson Jesse
  6. These conditions proved, however, to be wholly unacceptable and the early summer of 1621 saw Maurice and Spinola once more in the field at the head of rival armies. – History of Holland by George Edmundson
  7. I have no Victoria or Albert Nyanzas, no Tanganyikas, Lualabas, or Zambezes, like the great African travellers, to honour with Her Majesty's name, but the humble offering of a little spring in a hideous desert, which, had it surrounded the great geographical features I have enumerated, might well have kept them concealed for ever, will not, I trust, be deemed unacceptable in Her Majesty's eyes, when offered by a loyal and most faithful subject. – Australia Twice Traversed, The Romance of Exploration Australia Twice Traversed. The Romance Of Exploration, Being A Narrative Compiled From The Journals Of Five Exploring Expeditions Into And Through Central South Australia, And Western Australia, From 1 by Ernest Giles
  8. This is the ground of compromise- unacceptable as yet, to either party. – Vivisection by Albert Leffingwell
  9. The universe had turned unacceptable something he never greeted with equanimity. – The Samurai Strategy by Thomas Hoover
  10. He found that his attentions were not unacceptable – Cord and Creese by James de Mille
  11. On the other hand, the circumstances of the case may well justify loss, however great, because the alternative is unacceptable even though the consequences involve complete destruction. – Sound Military Decision by U.s. Naval War College
  12. The verses at the end of the story have been so often favourably received at the Circuit Mess, that I thought an amplified version of them in prose would not be unacceptable to the general reader, and might ultimately awaken in the public mind a desire for the long- needed reform of our legal procedure. – The Humourous Story of Farmer Bumpkin's Lawsuit by Richard Harris
  13. The second part of the enactment just quoted was, strictly speaking, Connecticut's first toleration act; yet it must be realized that now, as later, the degree of toleration admitted no release from the support of an unacceptable ministry or from fines for neglect of its ministrations. – The Development of Religious Liberty in Connecticut by M. Louise Greene, Ph. D.
  14. We are told to return to- morrow; I refuse; and at last we are very sourly received, sit on the mats, and I open out, through a very poor interpreter, and sometimes hampered by unacceptable counsels from my backers. – Vailima-Letters by Stevenson, Robert Louis
  15. The worst case of all is when such men happen to be of a rank and position which of itself neither gives them, nor excludes them from, what is considered the best society; when their admission to it depends mainly on what is thought of them personally- and however unexceptionable their breeding and habits, their being identified with opinions and public conduct unacceptable to those who give the tone to society would operate as an effectual exclusion. – The Subjection of Women by John Stuart Mill
  16. No wonder they find this mixture unacceptable – Religious Perplexities by L. P. Jacks
  17. Wain- who, to do him justice, had merely meant to declare his passion in what he had hoped might prove a not unacceptable fashion- followed in some alarm, expostulating and apologizing as he went. – The House Behind the Cedars by Charles W. Chesnutt
  18. Besides that, their soothsayers and priests, and even private persons, reported signs and prodigies not to be neglected; one of which is stated to have occurred as follows: Titus Latinus, a man of ordinary condition, but of a quiet and virtuous character, free from all superstitious fancies, and yet more from vanity and exaggeration, had an apparition in his sleep, as if Jupiter came and bade him tell the senate, that it was with a bad and unacceptable dancer that they had headed his procession. – Plutarch-Lives-of-the-noble-Grecians-and-Romans by Clough, Arthur Hugh
  19. The treaty was therefore rejected by the Senate, or rather was so amended as to prove unacceptable to Great Britain. – The Path of Empire A Chronicle of the United States as a World Power, Volume 46 in The Chronicles of America Series by Carl Russell Fish

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