Definitions of turkey

  1. wild turkey of Central and northern South America
  2. an event that fails badly or is totally ineffectual; " the first experiment was a real turkey"; " the meeting was a dud as far as new business was concerned"
  3. a person who does something thoughtless or annoying; " some joker is blocking the driveway"
  4. large gallinaceous bird with fan- shaped tail; widely domesticated for food
  5. a Eurasian republic in Asia Minor and the Balkans; achieved independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1923
  6. flesh of large domesticated fowl usually roasted
  7. wild turkey of Central America and northern South America
  8. An empire in the southeast of Europe and southwest of Asia.
  9. Any large American gallinaceous bird belonging to the genus Meleagris, especially the North American wild turkey ( Meleagris gallopavo), and the domestic turkey, which was probably derived from the Mexican wild turkey, but had been domesticated by the Indians long before the discovery of America.
  10. A large wild or domestic American bird of the pheasant family, used as food.
  11. A large gallinaceous bird, a native of America, so called because erroneously supposed to have come from Turkey.
  12. A large fowl, a native of America.
  13. A large American bird related to the pheasants.
  14. A large gallinaceous fowl, a native of N. America, domesticated in Europe, so- called from the erroneous notion that it was a native of Turkey.
  15. The country of the Turks; a large domestic fowl, originally from N. Amer.- so called as supposed to come from Turkey, or more likely from the bright- scarlet colour of the fleshy excrescences on its head.
  16. Of or from Turkey.

Antonyms for turkey

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Quotes of turkey

  1. After saying yes to Turkey the EU is having difficulty finding clear and consistent grounds for saying no to other, still more remote candidates- but being in the general vicinity of Europe does seem to be a continuing requirement. – Timothy Garton Ash
  2. The commerce of India does not grow, nor does that of Portugal, or of Turkey that but that of the protected countries does increase, as has been shown in the case of Spain, and can now be shown in that of Germany. – Henry Charles Carey
  3. You may keep Turkey on the map of Europe, you may call the country by the name of Turkey if you like, but do not think you can keep up the Mahommedan rule in the country. – Richard Cobden
  4. I love to cook. I make an award -winning turkey chili. – Joely Fisher
  5. If Turkey is prepared to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide, then its leaders can proceed immediately to direct dialogue with its counterparts in Armenia to define a common vision for the future. – Mark Foley
  6. But there is no withdrawal, but with tobacco there is terrible withdrawal, it is almost impossible for a lot of people. I did, I went cold turkey they never had any patches in those days but grass was not difficult, alcohol not difficult, but tobacco- oh my god. – Larry Hagman
  7. A journey of four hundred and thirty miles can be made in any part of the United States, but in Turkey it takes as many days. – Ellsworth Huntington
  8. Moreover, as the leadership of the House confirmed last year, the Administration remains opposed to a congressional resolution on the Armenian Genocide due to Turkish objections. This approach sends absolutely the wrong signal to Turkey and to the rest of the world. – Patrick J. Kennedy
  9. No more turkey but I'd like some more of the bread it ate. – Hank Ketcham
  10. I only eat fish- no chicken, no turkey just fish. I get all my protein from fish and egg whites. – Jack LaLanne
  11. I say 20 words in English. I say money, money, money, and I say hot dog! I say yes, no and I say money, money, money and I say turkey sandwich and I say grape juice. – Carmen Miranda
  12. There's been quite a clear upswing in nationalist sentiments. Everyone is talking about it, in Turkey as well. – Orhan Pamuk
  13. But, although America cannot be justly charged with violating the rights of Turkey Turkey nevertheless can be justly charged with violating the rights of America. – Gerrit Smith
  14. I have no desire to crow over anybody or to see anybody eating crow, figuratively or otherwise. We should all get together and make a country in which everybody can eat turkey whenever he pleases. – Harry S. Truman

Usage examples for turkey

  1. Russia and Turkey were about to take up arms. – Life of Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen, (Victoria) Vol II by Sarah Tytler
  2. A turkey may be served in every way as a roasted chicken- with sauces, garnitures, and decorated with skewers. – Hand-Book of Practical Cookery for Ladies and Professional Cooks by Pierre Blot
  3. Turkey in the straw, ha! – The Heart of the Range by William Patterson White
  4. At last she said, slowly: " But I had expected to pay you out of the turkey money, and I can't get that before Christmas. – The Quilt that Jack Built; How He Won the Bicycle by Annie Fellows Johnston
  5. Each of the foreign post offices in Turkey including our own British post office, used special stamps. – The Postage Stamp in War by Fred. J. Melville
  6. And we'll eat the turkey said Harry, and shellbarks, lots of them, that I saved for you. – The Children's Book of Christmas Stories by Various
  7. For some strange reason she has taken the side of Germany and Turkey – The Incomparable 29th and the "River Clyde" by George Davidson
  8. I'll bet the girls bred in this neighborhood won't take much to the turkey trot and the bunny- hug! – The Valiants of Virginia by Hallie Erminie Rives
  9. He's as poor as Job's turkey – Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1904 by Lucy Maud Montgomery
  10. Wimmen hain't shut up here as they are in Turkey but no attention is paid to their education and they are looked down on. – Around the World with Josiah Allen's Wife by Marietta Holley
  11. Charles had gone into Turkey and taken refuge there, and it seemed as if he had fallen never to rise again. – A History of the Four Georges, Volume I (of 4) by Justin McCarthy
  12. He's not a Wild Turkey you know. – Little Jack Rabbit's Adventures by David Cory
  13. In this place, many Bible students believe, Turkey will come to her end in fulfilment of this scripture. – Bible-Readings-for-the-Home-Circle by
  14. I can't leave that turkey behind, Missy, dear- I really can't! – Not Quite Eighteen by Susan Coolidge
  15. And I've got to see it, with money just burning in my pocket to buy things and to have a tree of my own and a turkey in my oven and a table with some one who cares at the other end. – The Gay Cockade by Temple Bailey
  16. Thirteen million pounds in gold sent recently by Germany to Turkey to keep the boys in line. – Face to Face with Kaiserism by James W. Gerard
  17. What an awful turkey – Colonel Carter's Christmas and The Romance of an Old-Fashioned Gentleman by F. Hopkinson Smith
  18. Well, but the greatest thing of all was the turkey that they had. – Christmas Every Day and Other Stories by W. D. Howells
  19. Litwiler killed a wild turkey this evening, which was very fat. – Journal of a Trip to California by the Overland Route Across the Plains in 1850-51 by E. S. (Eleazer Stillman) Ingalls

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