Definitions of Tugged

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Usage examples for Tugged

  1. But the string held it fast, and as the rat pulled and tugged he made the sleigh bells jingle; for every time he pulled the apple he pulled the string, and every time he pulled the string he pulled the bells." – Six Little Bunkers at Grandpa Ford's by Laura Lee Hope
  2. I tugged the dinghy down to the water, and pushed off for the Betty, which looked strangely small and unreal lying there in the dim, mysterious twilight. – A Rogue by Compulsion by Victor Bridges
  3. Impatiently Elsa tugged at Warrington's sleeve. – Parrot & Co. by Harold MacGrath
  4. She tugged at the governess's dress, at her hand. – A Bachelor's Dream by Mrs. Hungerford
  5. Sir Francis tugged at his watch impatiently. – Swirling Waters by Max Rittenberg