Definitions of tubercle

  1. A small mass or aggregation of morbid matter; especially, the deposit which accompanies scrofula or phthisis. This is composed of a hard, grayish, or yellowish, translucent or opaque matter, which gradually softens, and excites suppuration in its vicinity. It is most frequently found in the lungs, causing consumption.
  2. A small knoblike growth, especially on an animal or plant; a tiny unhealthy growth appearing in the tissues of the body; especially that causing tuberculosis.
  3. A small tuber or swelling: a pimple: a small knob on leaves: a small mass of diseased matter frequently found in the lungs, and which is the cause of the well- known fatal disease called pulmonary consumption.
  4. A small knob; small mass of deseased matter.
  5. A small knob, as of bone.
  6. A small tumor, as in the lung.
  7. A small swelling or tumour; a little knob, like a pimple on plants; a morbid development, chiefly in the lungs, of an opaque pale yellow matter of the consistency at first of concrete albumen.
  8. A small knoblike prominence or excrescence, whether natural or morbid; as, a tubercle on a plant; a tubercle on a bone; the tubercles appearing on the body in leprosy.
  9. A little knob; in med., a small, hard, local tumour- when deposited in numbers on the lungs, and suppurating, producing the disease known as consumption; a pimple or tumour appearing on the skin; in bot., a swollen simple root, as of some orchids; a little tuber.
  10. A small rounded protuberance; a root- swelling or nodule ; a tuberculum or rib- knob.
  11. Tubercular.