Common misspellings for trustful

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Usage examples for trustful

  1. My future lies in thy hands, and, anxious to learn the mysteries of immortality, as a grateful, trustful scholar, I would receive happiness and unhappiness at thy hand." ” – Old Fritz and the New Era by Louise Muhlbach
  2. He had qualities that attracted trustful youth and used his talent cleverly. ” – Northwest! by Harold Bindloss
  3. “ A real glance at Maggie's confiding trustful gaze might have shaken her resolve. ” – The Captives by Hugh Walpole
  4. The young man said what a young man usually says when he is looking into trustful brown eyes, filled with tears he has caused and cannot prevent, and at the moment, in the sharp pain of parting, the words of one were not more or less sincere than those of the other. ” – The Wizard's Daughter and Other Stories by Margaret Collier Graham
  5. The trustful monks know that it has been launched against us, therefore are they doubtless waiting for us to come to the monastery, and lay our necks under the feet of their Abbot, begging his clemency. ” – The Strong Arm by Robert Barr
  6. Her whole manner was sweet and trustful she wanted to make amends to him. ” – True and Other Stories by George Parsons Lathrop
  7. And now here it was, more beautiful than even his dreams of it- inquiring, hopeful, trustful – White Fire by John Oxenham
  8. She smiled upon him, her head high, her eyes tender and trustful – The Black Bag by Louis Joseph Vance
  9. There was something so trustful and unconscious about the action that the young man felt the smart of tears in his eyes- the first tears he had known for many a long year. ” – The Love Affairs of Pixie by Mrs George de Horne Vaizey
  10. There is nothing on earth so captivating as a trustful child. ” – In the Track of the Troops by R.M. Ballantyne
  11. It was equally certain that she had attached herself with a trustful clinging affection to the new friends whose house and hearts had received her. ” – The End of a Coil by Susan Warner
  12. But he had a simple, trustful faith, which made him never tired of proclaiming the way of salvation. ” – Some Jewish Witnesses For Christ by Rev. A. Bernstein, B.D.
  13. “ Mr. Hennage smiled his rare, trustful childish smile as the yardmaster approached. ” – The Long Chance by Peter B. Kyne
  14. She was very simply but very well dressed, she had beautiful brown hair, and when she came forward Sabina looked into a pair of luminous and trustful hazel eyes. ” – The Heart of Rome by Francis Marion Crawford
  15. Now the spirit of a little child is receptive and trustful – The Life Everlasting: A Reality of Romance by Marie Corelli
  16. “ O happy, trustful girls and boys! ” – The Girl Wanted by Nixon Waterman
  17. The eyes that stared in at his were deep blue and trustful – The Ice Pilot by Henry Leverage
  18. “ I was so happy, so hopeful, so trustful that happier days were coming; and, indeed. ” – By Birth a Lady by George Manville Fenn
  19. It seems, after all, as if some very simple, unsuspicious folk can do without wisdom, can well afford to leave it to us, who are neither simple nor trustful – Notwithstanding by Mary Cholmondeley
  20. Be trustful be steadfast, whatever betide thee, Only one thing do thou ask of the Lord- Grace to go forward wherever he guide thee, Simply believing the truth of his word. ” – Poems with Power to Strengthen the Soul by Various