Definitions of trouble

  1. To put into confused motion; to disturb; to agitate.
  2. To disturb; to perplex; to afflict; to distress; to grieve; to fret; to annoy; to vex.
  3. The state of being troubled; disturbance; agitation; uneasiness; vexation; calamity.
  4. That which gives disturbance, annoyance, or vexation; that which afflicts.
  5. A fault or interruption in a stratum.
  6. To give occasion for labor to; - used in polite phraseology; as, I will not trouble you to deliver the letter.
  7. To put into a confused state: to agitate: to disturb: to annoy: to busy or engage overmuch.
  8. To agitate; annoy; grieve.
  9. To inconvenience; incommode.
  10. To spoil; mar.
  11. To take pains.
  12. to cause inconvenience or discomfort to; " Sorry to trouble you, but..."
  13. take the trouble to do something; concern oneself; " He did not trouble to call his mother on her birthday"; " Don't bother, please"
  14. move deeply; " This book upset me"; " A troubling thought"
  15. To take pains; worry.
  16. To agitate; to disturb; to put into confused motion; to perplex; to afflict; to busy; to vex; to give occasion for labour; to sue for a debt.
  17. To disturb; to put into confused motion; to grieve; to make uneasy; to molest; to engage overmuch; to give occasion of labour to.
  18. a source of difficulty; " one trouble after another delayed the job"; " what's the problem?"
  19. an event causing distress or pain; " what is the trouble?"; " heart trouble"
  20. a strong feeling of anxiety; " his worry over the prospect of being fired"; " it is not work but worry that kills"; " he wanted to die and end his troubles"
  21. an unwanted pregnancy; " he got several girls in trouble"
  22. Mental excitement, distress, or worry; that which causes such distress; inconvenience; exertion; pains; as, to take a great deal of trouble; annoyance or uneasiness; illness; as, stomach trouble.
  23. Disturbance: affliction: uneasiness: that which disturbs or afflicts. n.
  24. Disturbance; uneasiness; affliction.
  25. The state of being troubled; grief; disturbance.
  26. Something that occasions difficulty, perplexity, or distress.
  27. Disturbance of mind; commotion of spirits; perplexity; affliction; misfortune; annoyance; vexation.
  28. Disturbance of mind; that which causes agitation or disturbance of mind; distress; anxiety; uneasiness; among miners, any shifting of the strata of a coal- field by which the regular and continuous working of its minerals is interrupted.
  29. Troubled; dark; gloomy.