Definitions of trip

  1. put in motion or move to act; " trigger a reaction"; " actuate the circuits"
  2. get high, stoned, or drugged; " He trips every weekend"
  3. make a trip for pleasure
  4. an accidental misstep threatening ( or causing) a fall; " he blamed his slip on the ice"; " the jolt caused many slips and a few spills"
  5. cause to stumble
  6. a light or nimble tread; " he heard the trip of women's feet overhead"
  7. a journey for some purpose ( usually including the return); " he took a trip to the shopping center"
  8. a catch mechanism that acts as a switch; " the pressure activates the tripper and releases the water"
  9. a hallucinatory experience induced by drugs; " an acid trip"
  10. an unintentional but embarrassing blunder; " he recited the whole poem without a single trip"; " he arranged his robes to avoid a trip- up later"; " confusion caused his unfortunate misstep"
  11. an exciting or stimulting experience
  12. miss a step and fall or nearly fall; " She stumbled over the tree root"
  13. cause to stumble; " The questions on the test tripped him up"
  14. To make a brief journey or pleasure excursion; as, to trip to Europe.
  15. To take a quick step, as when in danger of losing one's balance; hence, to make a false; to catch the foot; to lose footing; to stumble.
  16. Fig.: To be guilty of a misstep; to commit an offense against morality, propriety, or rule; to err; to mistake; to fail.
  17. Fig.: To overthrow by depriving of support; to put an obstacle in the way of; to obstruct; to cause to fail.
  18. To detect in a misstep; to catch; to convict.
  19. To raise ( an anchor) from the bottom, by its cable or buoy rope, so that it hangs free.
  20. To pull ( a yard) into a perpendicular position for lowering it.
  21. To release, let fall, or see free, as a weight or compressed spring, as by removing a latch or detent.
  22. A quick, light step; a lively movement of the feet; a skip.
  23. A brief or rapid journey; an excursion or jaunt.
  24. A false step; a stumble; a misstep; a loss of footing or balance. Fig.: An error; a failure; a mistake.
  25. A small piece; a morsel; a bit.
  26. A stroke, or catch, by which a wrestler causes his antagonist to lose footing.
  27. A single board, or tack, in plying, or beating, to windward.
  28. A herd or flock, as of sheep, goats, etc.
  29. A troop of men; a host.
  30. A flock of widgeons.
  31. To move with light, quick steps; to walk or move lightly; to skip; to move the feet nimbly; - sometimes followed by it. See It, 5.
  32. To cause to stumble, or take a false step; to cause to lose the footing, by striking the feet from under; to cause to fall; to throw off the balance; to supplant; - often followed by up; as, to trip up a man in wrestling.
  33. To run or step lightly or nimbly; take short, quick steps; to skip; to make a misstep; to stumble; as, to trip over a board; to make a mistake or error, mentally or morally; as, he tripped in giving his answer.
  34. To execute with light, agile steps, as a dance; to cause to stumble; as, the loose board tripped him so that he fell; to cause to halt by getting in the way of; to catch in a mistake or deception; in machinery, to set free, as by pulling a catch, trigger, etc.
  35. A quick, short step; a misstep or false step; mistake; journey or excursion; in machinery, a device that releases.
  36. Tripped.
  37. Tripping.
  38. To move with short, light steps: to stumble and fall: to err: to fail.
  39. To cause to stumble by striking one's feet from under him: to overthrow by taking away support: to catch:- pr. p. tripping; pa. t. and pa. p. tripped.
  40. A light, short step: a catch by which an antagonist is thrown: a false step: a mistake: a short voyage or journey.
  41. A tripping step; excursion; catch which causes a fall; stumble; error.
  42. To cause to stumble or fall.
  43. To step lightly and quickly; to stumble; err.
  44. To cause ( one) to lose balance, stumble, or fall.
  45. To perform ( a dance) lightly or nimbly.
  46. Mech. To free; release, as a catch.
  47. To move with light and nimble steps.
  48. To stumble; err.
  49. A short journey; excursion.
  50. A stumble; blunder.
  51. A nimble step.
  52. A light short step; a brief journey or voyage; a stroke or catch by which a wrestler supplants his antagonist; a false step; a stumble; a mistake; a slight error arising from haste; a single board in plying to windward.
  53. To cause to fall by striking the feet suddenly from under the person; to overthrow; to catch; to detect.
  54. To run or step lightly; to stumble; to strike the foot against something, so as to stumble and fall; to err; to fail.
  55. To run or step lightly or nimbly; to take short quick steps; to strike the foot against something so as to cause to fall or stumble; a false step; to cause to fall by striking the feet suddenly from under the person, with up, as " to trip up"; to overthrow or supplant; to fail; to err.
  56. A stumble or fall by striking the foot againt an objeet; a stroke or catch in wrestling; a failure; a mistake; a slight error; a journey or excursion; a short voyage or journey.

Usage examples for trip

  1. " I know that; but as it's my first trip over here I mean to make the most of it. – Melomaniacs by James Huneker
  2. The more I thought of it the more I was held by the thought of what such a trip would mean to me. – The Gay Cockade by Temple Bailey
  3. When Rose- Ellen asked her if she had ever heard of such a dreadful trip, she shrugged and said she was used to going without sleep. – Across the Fruited Plain by Florence Crannell Means
  4. At once Blake knew his trip would be interesting. – One-Way Ticket to Nowhere by Leroy Yerxa
  5. If your mother thinks we ought to, after I tell the strange news about Cousin Jasper, we may all take a trip on the deep blue sea. – The Bobbsey Twins on the Deep Blue Sea by Laura Lee Hope
  6. " Not this trip, I tell you. – Marcy The Blockade Runner by Harry Castlemon
  7. So we may have a little trouble toward this end of our trip." – Tom Swift in the Land of Wonders or, The Underground Search for the Idol of Gold by Victor Appleton
  8. You ran all the better, I suppose, because you had nothing to trip you. – The-Brick-Moon-and-Other-Stories by Hale, Edward Everett
  9. Being her marriage trip I let Marg have her way and a mind free o' worry 'bout me. – The Man Thou Gavest by Harriet T. Comstock
  10. Twenty miles is not more than a half day's trip. – The Golden Bird by Maria Thompson Daviess
  11. But what's the object of the trip, Hazon? – The Sign of the Spider by Bertram Mitford
  12. It would take five thousand to make the trip. – Laughing Bill Hyde and Other Stories by Rex Beach
  13. Have you had a nice trip? – Old Caravan Days by Mary Hartwell Catherwood
  14. The said trip, by the way, may last a year, or maybe more." – The Luck of Gerard Ridgeley by Bertram Mitford
  15. " How long do you s'pose it'll take to make the trip," asked Phoebe. – The Panchronicon by Harold Steele Mackaye
  16. The trip has been so long that we are now beginning to hate each other. – “Crumps”, The Plain Story of a Canadian Who Went by Louis Keene
  17. He was sorry that he had urged the trip to the foothills. – The Higher Court by Mary Stewart Daggett
  18. Why, my dear old Bill, I cried, why should I mind your having a trip? – The Story of Antony Grace by George Manville Fenn
  19. It isn't any trip for you." – Tom Swift in the Land of Wonders or, The Underground Search for the Idol of Gold by Victor Appleton