Usage examples for trigonometry

  1. Broadly, they could be divided into four classes- topography, trigonometry, naval construction and drawing. – The Secrets of the German War Office by Dr. Armgaard Karl Graves
  2. It was an outrage, because the two chaps didn't know what trigonometry meant even and couldn't take an examination. – At Good Old Siwash by George Fitch
  3. It would, she admitted, certainly be a little difficult to study trigonometry in such surroundings. – The Gold Trail by Harold Bindloss
  4. This is a simple problem in trigonometry, i. – Lectures in Navigation by Ernest Gallaudet Draper
  5. He was studying trigonometry, and I gave him three examples for his next lesson. – Our Young Folks at Home and Abroad by Various
  6. Ah, well, Mr. Stephenson here will make you forget all that undesirable knowledge before long- lost in a maze of Euclid, and Latin, and Greek, and trigonometry, and things! – A Little Bush Maid by Mary Grant Bruce
  7. Now I want you to get Jim to pack up all my professional works on gunnery, surveying, seamanship, mathematics, astronomy, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, conic sections, calculus, mechanics, and every book of that description I own, including those paperbound 'Naval Institute' papers, and put them in a box, together with any photos, etc. – Real Soldiers of Fortune by Richard Harding Davis
  8. We were both exceptionally well educated, as education went then; for Uncle Jack- Aunt Sophie's husband- was a clever, long- headed fellow, who believed that it was not possible for a man to know too much; so Dora, in addition to receiving a sound English education, was taught French, music, and, in fact, the general run of what was then known as " accomplishments", while I, in addition also to a good sound English education, was taught French, Latin, and mathematics, including geometry, algebra, and trigonometry. – The Log of a Privateersman by Harry Collingwood
  9. It loves vitality above all things, sometimes disguised by affected languor, always well kept under by the laws of good- breeding,- but still it loves abundant life, opulent and showy organizations,- the spherical rather than the plane trigonometry of female architecture,- plenty of red blood, flashing eyes, tropical voices, and forms that bear the splendors of dress without growing pale beneath their lustre. – The Complete PG Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. (The Physician and Poet not the Jurist)
  10. I had seamanship, gunnery, navigation, nautical astronomy, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, conic sections, curve tracing, differential and integral calculus. – Real Soldiers of Fortune by Richard Harding Davis
  11. Haliburton, not strong in spherical trigonometry, looked out logarithms for me till breakfast, and, as soon as it would do, went over to Mrs. Bowdoin, to borrow her telescope, ours being left at No. 9. Mrs. Bowdoin was kind, as she always was, and at noon Haliburton appeared in triumph with the boxes on P. Nolan's job- wagon. – The-Brick-Moon-and-Other-Stories by Hale, Edward Everett
  12. This was written for the Encyclopaedia Metropolitana about 1825, and was published as a separate book in 1855 under the Title of " A Treatise on Trigonometry." – Autobiography of Sir George Biddell Airy by George Biddell Airy
  13. " Your explanation is accepted," proclaimed Elfreda, screwing her face into a startling resemblance to a fussy instructor in freshman trigonometry and using his exact words. – Grace Harlowe's Second Year at Overton College by Jessie Graham Flower
  14. Man's emotions develop as well as his reasoning powers, and one might as well expect an Australian, who cannot count five, to solve a problem in trigonometry as to love a woman as we love her. – Primitive Love and Love-Stories by Henry Theophilus Finck
  15. The novel or the play that is to hold its own in the curriculum in competition with trigonometry must have some knotty problem which causes the harassed reader to knit his brows in anxious thought. – Humanly Speaking by Samuel McChord Crothers
  16. He also invented trigonometry. – Kepler by Walter W. Bryant
  17. In the first term algebra, logarithms and geometry had to be finished, for in the second term trigonometry was the subject in mathematics. – Dave Darrin's First Year at Annapolis by H. Irving Hancock
  18. But, all the same, I took with a great deal of thankfulness the dressing- down I had got from my father for being late for home lessons on a trigonometry night. – The Dew of Their Youth by S. R. Crockett