Definitions of tributary

  1. a branch that flows into the main stream
  2. paying tribute; " a tributary colony"
  3. A ruler or state that pays tribute, or a stated sum, to a conquering power, for the purpose of securing peace and protection, or as an acknowledgment of submission, or for the purchase of security.
  4. A stream or river flowing into a larger river or into a lake; an affluent.
  5. A state or government which pays taxes to, or is under control of, a superior government; a stream or river flowing into a larger body of water.
  6. One who pays tribute: a stream which contributes water to another.
  7. A stream that flows into another.
  8. One who pays tribute.
  9. A dependent.
  10. One who pays tribute; a stream contributing water to another.
  11. A state that pays tribute to a superior; any stream which, directly or indirectly, contributes water to another stream.
  13. Paying tribute to another, either from compulsion, as an acknowledgment of submission, or to secure protection, or for the purpose of purchasing peace.
  14. Hence, subject; subordinate; inferior.
  15. Paid in tribute.
  16. Yielding supplies of any kind; serving to form or make up, a greater object of the same kind, as a part, branch, etc.; contributing; as, the Ohio has many tributary streams, and is itself tributary to the Mississippi.
  17. Paying tribute or taxes to another; contributory; subordinate.
  18. Paying tribute: subject: yielding supplies of anything: paid in tribute.
  19. Bringing supply; contributory.
  20. Offered as tribute.
  21. Subordinate; dependent.
  22. Paying tribute; subordinate; paid in tribute; yielding supplies of anything.
  23. Paying tribute; subject or subordinate; yielding supplies of anything.