Definitions of tribe

  1. To distribute into tribes or classes.
  2. group of people related by blood or marriage
  3. a federation ( as of American Indians)
  4. A family, race, or series of generations, descending from the same progenitor, and kept distinct, as in the case of the twelve tribes of Israel, descended from the twelve sons of Jacob.
  5. A number of species or genera having certain structural characteristics in common; as, a tribe of plants; a tribe of animals.
  6. A nation of savages or uncivilized people; a body of rude people united under one leader or government; as, the tribes of the Six Nations; the Seneca tribe.
  7. A division, class, or distinct portion of a people, from whatever cause that distinction may have originated; as, the city of Athens was divided into ten tribes.
  8. A family of animals descended from some particular female progenitor, through the female line; as, the Duchess tribe of shorthorns.
  9. A family, race, or clan descended from a common ancestor; a group of uncivilized people under one chief; as, a Tartar tribe; a group of people made akin to each other by some common trait.
  10. A race or family from the same ancestor: a body of people under one leader: a number of things having certain common qualities.
  11. A race sprung from one ancestor; division of a people; class or order.
  12. A family, race, or series of generations descending from the same progenitor and kept distinct; a division or distinct class of a people; a number of plants or animals having qualities in common; a division; a nation of savages; a number of persons of any character or profession, in contempt.
  13. A family or race existing distinct from others; any class or distinct portion of a people; a number of things having certain common characteristics; a division between order and genus; a group of genera subordinate to an order; a body of rude or savage people under one chief.
  14. TRIBAL.