Usage examples for trepidation

  1. " I should suppose- I imagine- I don't suppose it will exceed seven or eight hundred a year," said his son, in the greatest trepidation at this trial of his intellect. – Marriage by Susan Edmonstone Ferrier
  2. It was therefore not till much later, from Meran, that I risked another appeal, risked it in some trepidation, for she continued to tell me nothing. – Embarrassments by Henry James
  3. I stammered out something of acceptance and awaited the appointed hour with great trepidation. – Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie by Andrew Carnegie
  4. Daisy began to grow warm with trepidation. – Melbourne House by Elizabeth Wetherell
  5. Laura rose from her chair in the outer office and welcomed her gladly, for, in her nervous trepidation, the minutes had seemed like hours. – A Knight Of The Nineteenth Century by E. P. Roe
  6. He stepped across the threshold; he heard Jacqueline laugh again softly and close the door; then he stood, a prey to profound trepidation. – Max by Katherine Cecil Thurston
  7. And I perceived with a certain trepidation that the papers were some that had been lying on the table at headquarters. – More Tish by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  8. I think that he did not observe my trepidation. – Wives and Widows; or The Broken Life by Ann S. Stephens
  9. With much trepidation Bobby next day suggested in face of the whole group that he and Celia should climb the high hill from which Bobby fondly believed he could see " 'most to Redding." – The Adventures of Bobby Orde by Stewart Edward White
  10. Never with greater trepidation have I entered any room, for I am to open the ball with the butler, and the prospect fills me with dismay. – Nancy A Novel by Rhoda Broughton
  11. It was not without some inward trepidation that Mr Carlyle found himself committed to the adventure. – Max Carrados by Ernest Bramah
  12. The animal fled another way, in equal trepidation at those tongues of flame and loud reports, and Christopher's horse reared and plunged, and deposited him promptly on the sward; but he held the bridle, mounted again, and rode after his companion. – A Simpleton by Charles Reade
  13. Mrs. Briskow acted upon this invitation only after she had dried her hands, and then with trepidation. – Flowing Gold by Rex Beach
  14. The trepidation of the poor boy at setting my arms at liberty was extreme. – Anna St. Ives by Thomas Holcroft
  15. I thought that it might be embarrassing for her, and I knew that it would be embarrassing for me, so that it was not without trepidation that I presented myself at the Fultons' house to keep a riding engagement with Lucy. – We Three by Gouverneur Morris
  16. Pete had spoken slowly and distinctly, and apparently without the least shadow of trepidation. – The Ridin' Kid from Powder River by Henry Herbert Knibbs
  17. She was, however, in great trepidation at the peremptory tone of the King's despatch. – Project Gutenberg History of The Netherlands, 1555-1623, Complete by John Lothrop Motley
  18. I motioned to the doctor, but as he insisted that I should take the first view I put my eye to the glass with much trepidation. – Daybreak: A Romance of an Old World by James Cowan
  19. I must say that I entered the squire's room with some trepidation, but it was quite unnecessary. – Windyridge by W. Riley
  20. Yet, strangely enough, in all his trepidation there was no thought of Dorothy. – Dorothy at Oak Knowe by Evelyn Raymond