Definitions of trench

  1. To dig a trench in or about; encroach; cut trenches.
  2. To cut; to form or shape by cutting; to make by incision, hewing, or the like.
  3. To fortify by cutting a ditch, and raising a rampart or breastwork with the earth thrown out of the ditch; to intrench.
  4. To cut furrows or ditches in; as, to trench land for the purpose of draining it.
  5. To dig or cultivate very deeply, usually by digging parallel contiguous trenches in succession, filling each from the next; as, to trench a garden for certain crops.
  6. A long, narrow cut in the earth; a ditch; as, a trench for draining land.
  7. An alley; a narrow path or walk cut through woods, shrubbery, or the like.
  8. An excavation made during a siege, for the purpose of covering the troops as they advance toward the besieged place. The term includes the parallels and the approaches.
  9. To cut a ditch in; to intrench, as an army.
  10. To cut or dig a ditch: to dig deeply with the spade or plough.
  11. To encroach; to intrench.
  12. To have direction; to aim or tend.
  13. To encroach.
  14. dig a trench or trenches; " The National Guardsmen were sent out to trench"
  15. set, plant, or bury in a trench; " trench the fallen soldiers"; " trench the vegetables"
  16. cut or carve deeply into; " letters trenched into the stone"
  17. fortify by surrounding with trenches; " He trenched his military camp"
  18. To cut or dig a channel for water; to fortify by cutting a ditch and raising a rampart; to furrow.
  19. To cut; to dig a ditch in; to fortify or defend with trenches and earthen breastworks; to encroach upon; to furrow deeply with the spade or plough.
  20. Deep cuttings made by besiegers to enable them to approach the place attacked with more security. To open the trenches, to begin to dig or form the lines of approach.
  21. a long steep- sided depression in the ocean floor
  22. a ditch dug as a fortification having a parapet of the excavated earth
  23. any long ditch cut in the ground
  24. A long narrow cut in the earth: ( fort.) an excavation to interrupt the approach of an enemy: the excavated approaches made by besiegers.
  25. A ditch.
  26. A long narrow excavation in the ground; ditch.
  27. A long narrow cut in the earth; a ditch; a deep ditch cut for defence.
  28. A narrow cut or ditch excavated in the earth; in mil., a deep ditch cut for defence, or to interrupt the approach of an enemy; the wall or breastwork formed by the earth thrown out of the ditch.