Definitions of transportation

  1. the act of transporting something from one location to another
  2. the federal department that institutes and coordinates national transportation programs; created in 1966
  3. the act of expelling a person from their native land; " men in exile dream of hope"; " his deportation to a penal colony"; " the expatriation of wealthy farmers"; " the sentence was one of transportation for life"
  4. the sum charged for riding in a public conveyance
  5. the commercial enterprise of transporting goods and materials
  6. facility consisting of the roads and equipment necessary for the movement of passengers or goods
  7. a facility consisting of the means and equipment necessary for the movement of passengers or goods
  8. the United States federal department that institutes and coordinates national transportation programs; created in 1966
  9. The act of transporting, or the state of being transported; carriage from one place to another; removal; conveyance.
  10. Transport; ecstasy.
  11. The means of moving persons, animals, goods, or materials from one place to another.
  12. The act of carrying, or state of being carried, from one place to another; the act of banishing; means of conveyance.
  13. Removal: banishment: the moving of grain and merchandise by railway and water routes; also applied to passenger traffic.
  14. Act of transporting; conveyance; conveyance into exile.
  15. The act of transporting; transmission; conveyance; banishment for crime.
  16. The act of carrying or conveying from one place to another; banishment for crime.

Quotes of transportation

  1. There can be no doubt that the transportation sector is the most critical sector of our economy. – Robert A. Brady
  2. I just want someone to explain to the American public why investing in transportation in Iraq is so much more important than investing in passenger rail right here in the United States of America. – Corrine Brown
  3. Transportation funding is a win -win for everyone involved. – Corrine Brown
  4. At Camp One we were met by Director of Public Works Warwick Greene, grim and grimy. He has been working himself to death to make this transportation plan a success. – William Cameron Forbes
  5. Transportation made sublimation literal. It conveyed evil to another world. – Robert Hughes
  6. Every bit of money that we can bring from our federal transportation budget in Washington back here to Stewart Airport will benefit our local economy and our local residents. – Sue Kelly
  7. As southeast Texas's only Member of the House Transportation Committee, I'm especially proud of being able to help bring hundreds of millions of dollars to the region to create jobs and improve the area infrastructure. – Nick Lampson
  8. TSA serves as the operator, administrator and regulator for the nation's transportation security. But in fact, the TSA bureaucracy does all it can to thwart any conversion to a system with more private -sector operations and strong federal oversight and standards. This agency cannot, and should not, do it all. – John Mica
  9. As mayor of San Francisco, I will provide the vision and work hard to make San Francisco a beautiful, well -planned city with excellent housing and transportation options. – Gavin Newsom
  10. My main form of transportation at that time was a bicycle, because bicycles could move though the crowd. – John Pomfret
  11. Number one I think we should impose a fee or a tax on the transportation of trash per mile. – Edward G. Rendell
  12. My innovation involved taking an idea from the telecommunications and banking industries, and applying that idea to transportation business. – Frederick W. Smith
  13. The waste of capital, in proportion to the total capital, in this country between 1800 and 1850, in the attempts which were made to establish means of communication and transportation was enormous. – William Graham Sumner
  14. The winners in life treat their body as if it were a magnificent spacecraft that gives them the finest transportation and endurance for their lives. – Denis Waitley

Usage examples for transportation

  1. He was brought up again, and condemned to transportation for life. – The Queen of Hearts by Wilkie Collins Last Updated: January 3, 2009
  2. Part of the burden of transportation must be borne by parents of the children attending school. – A Stake in the Land by Peter Alexander Speek
  3. You're president of that Transportation Company they're all so wild about." – Victor Ollnee's Discipline by Hamlin Garland
  4. When more money is demanded in Wall street, telegrams are sent throughout the country by these railroad kings to their agents and employes to advance the rates on transportation – Monopolies and the People by D. C. Cloud
  5. And so I did, and rid to Transportation Buildin' with Josiah and Blandina walkin' by my side. – Samantha at the St. Louis Exposition by Marietta Holley
  6. Think of what that meant; turn it well over in your mind, with all the circumstances of distance from supplies, difficulty of transportation and all! – African Camp Fires by Stewart Edward White
  7. In the agreement drawn up by him and Davis, Walker provided for the care, by Davis, of the sick and wounded, for the protection after his departure of the natives who had fought with him, and for the transportation of himself and officers to the United States. – Real Soldiers of Fortune by Richard Harding Davis
  8. 12. A railroad and river system of transportation only now in process of development, and which is certain to effect a great rise in the value of lands. – Two Years in Oregon by Wallis Nash
  9. The services of the farm and of transportation are performed chiefly by them. – Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson by Thomas Jefferson
  10. Soon after they came up to England, but were not long in town before his wife was taken up for returning from transportation and committed to Newgate, where she remained until the sessions following, and being brought upon her trial, pleaded guilty. – Lives Of The Most Remarkable Criminals Who have been Condemned and Executed for Murder, the Highway, Housebreaking, Street Robberies, Coining or other offences by Arthur L. Hayward
  11. So two of our set- up went to Washington D. C. to see Brother Johnson, who is the head of the War Transportation outfit, and arrange for cars . – Epistles-from-Pap-Letters-from-the-man-known-as-The-Will-Rogers-of-Indiana by Durham, Andrew Everett
  12. You've had your turn at hospital work and now perhaps you wish to try your hand at transportation – The Iron Furrow by George C. Shedd
  13. One of the charms of the place is the cheap transportation – Cuba, Old and New by Albert Gardner Robinson
  14. The railroad company had not accepted his wheat for transportation and was not liable. – The Desert of Wheat by Zane Grey
  15. I suppose capital will have to investigate, and that'll take time; but I can begin to pick up a crew and make arrangements for transportation and supplies. – The Blazed Trail by Stewart Edward White
  16. The live poultry shipments are chiefly made in the Live Poultry Transportation Cars. – The Dollar Hen by Milo M. Hastings
  17. How many a traveller moves from place to place, not realising anything beyond the transportation of his body! – The Story of Rouen by Sir Theodore Andrea Cook
  18. Procure a sentence of simple transportation say for fifteen years, and my fourteen hundred francs are yours. – Pamela Giraud by Honore de Balzac
  19. The railroad, it was asserted, was just as emphatically an experiment; no one could tell whether it could ever succeed; why, therefore, pour money and effort into this new form of transportation when the other was a demonstrated success? – The Railroad Builders A Chronicle of the Welding of the States, Volume 38 in The Chronicles of America Series by John Moody
  20. I was, instead, sentenced to transportation to this colony, where I am condemned to pass the remainder of my days. – Terre Napoleon A history of French explorations and projects in Australia by Ernest Scott

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