Quotes of transition

  1. The Reagan Administration generally regarded as having conducted the most successful Transition of modern times had managed during the election campaign to build bridges to the Democrats in some areas notably foreign and national security policy – Richard V. Allen
  2. Many transition states have a well -defined preferred geometrical requirement – Derek Harold Richard Barton
  3. I think for me it was a natural transition to move full time into acting rather than figure skating – Julie Benz
  4. By then I was making the slow transition from classical biochemistry to molecular biology and becoming increasingly preoccupied with how genes act and how proteins are made – Paul Berg
  5. We urge all democratic nations and the United Nations to answer the Iraqi Governing Council's call for support for the people of Iraq in making the transition to democracy – Dick Cheney
  6. The President's budget pays for only six months of the war in Iraq and completely overlooks the transition costs of Social Security reform The Administration always lied about the cost of the Medicare drug bill – Jim Cooper
  7. It's a staggering transition for high school students that found they could study five hours a week and make As and Bs – John Gardner
  8. Our intention is to really explore this transition and beyond that explore the particular things that someone comes up against when they're gay or lesbian – Laura Innes
  9. No I'm not a comic book guy I'm pretty fascinated with the subculture though and I do think that the world of comic books is such a natural transition into film – Donal Logue
  10. Something is happening to Britain and the British Or has happened We are said to be passing through a transition or a turning point or a transformation nobody is quite sure which – Ferdinand Mount
  11. Community colleges play an important role in helping people transition between careers by providing the retooling they need to take on a new career – Barack Obama
  12. We're trying to fix this with the plan we've been floating Now the law says the transition ends in 2006 or and the "or" is the only part that matters 85 percent of Americans go buy a digital TV – Michael K. Powell
  13. The transition state of manners and language cannot be too often insisted upon for this affected the process at both ends giving the artist in fictitious life an uncertain model to copy and unstable materials to work in – George Saintsbury
  14. Almost all paleontologists recognize that the discovery of a complete transition is in any case unlikely – George G. Simpson
  15. One might have thought that the most significant change in the film industry that would come about with a transition from the communist economy to capitalism would fundamentally concern the sources of funding – Andrzej Wajda

Usage examples for transition

  1. From her science the transition to his was easy and they studied under every combination of glasses the beautiful lace of a dragon fly's wing and the irregular spots on a drab grasshopper which ran by chance half across one of his eyes ” – The Mystery of Metropolisville by Edward Eggleston
  2. He saw the first glance of pity and then the transition to coldness deepening into hate – The Living Link by James De Mille
  3. At ten or eleven her eyes would open the rest of the way slightly startled slightly pleased to have survived the transition – Joe Burke's Last Stand by John Moncure Wetterau
  4. 50 The transition of the voice from one vowel of the diphthong to another – The Grammar of English Grammars by Goold Brown
  5. What applies here to transition within a scene from dramatic moment to dramatic moment applies equally in transition from scene to scene – Dramatic Technique by George Pierce Baker
  6. By quick transition her thoughts flew back to the previous night – The Captain of the Kansas by Louis Tracy
  7. “ No she seemed rather in a state of mental transition – Bye-Ways by Robert Smythe Hichens
  8. He thinks that which he is about to speak at the moment he is speaking that which he previously thought and if as is generally admitted the mind cannot be engaged upon two things at the same moment there is here an instance of such a rapid and successive transition from one to another as obviously to elude perception – A Practical Enquiry into the Philosophy of Education by James Gall
  9. It is a striking transition when it comes suddenly – The Sherrods by George Barr McCutcheon
  10. But much has been given to her to soften the years of transition and she knows that also when she looks from her husband to her four boys ” – Don Orsino by F. Marion Crawford
  11. The transition was like a dream – Roughing it in the Bush by Susanna Moodie
  12. Oh it is splendid just to live in this age the transition of the old into the new – Letters of a Javanese Princess by Raden Adjeng Kartini Commentator: Louis Couperus
  13. He is recalled to the present by a tone of very decided indignation in his lady's voice his lady who by an easy transition has slipped from scandal to the hardly dearer or less dear subject of clothes – Doctor Cupid by Rhoda Broughton
  14. In this transition stage from their primitive condition the influence of the trader over the Indians was all powerful – The Character and Influence of the Indian Trade in Wisconsin by Frederick Jackson Turner
  15. It is the transition from the ancient to the modern world and as such has an interest all its own – History Of Egypt, Chaldæa, Syria, Babylonia, And Assyria In The Light Of Recent Discovery by L.W. King and H.R. Hall
  16. These and similar words are used to make the transition from one paragraph to the next – Composition-Rhetoric by Stratton D. Brooks
  17. It's luck you're in the Transition form – The Jolliest School of All by Angela Brazil
  18. Before the transition occurred the practical difficulty was this how to get into correspondence with the new Environment – Natural Law in the Spiritual World by Henry Drummond
  19. What a transition I can't understand it – When Dreams Come True by Ritter Brown
  20. Have the times of those services been as trying as those which have embraced our Revolution our transition from a colonial to a free structure of government – Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson by Thomas Jefferson