Antonyms for transformed

fixed, continued, sustained, maintained, held, preserved, retained, kept. disgusted, turned off, disenchanted. Degenerated, Deteriorated. fix, continue, let stand, remain, keep, retain, sustain, maintain. persist, stay, hold. idle, wait, endure. preserve, stagnate, leave alone. unchanged.

Usage examples for transformed

  1. With new strength a new life was opening up to him- or rather the old life grew day by day transformed and beautified. – The Boyhood of Great Inventors by A. Fraser Robertson
  2. They said that the yellow water- lily could be none other than their sister, who was not dead, but transformed by the magic ball. – The Blue Fairy Book by Various
  3. You have transformed it into something that seems new. – The Inside of the Cup, Complete by Winston Churchill Last Updated: March 5, 2009
  4. Even mother, angry as she was, could not help saying: 'It's as if our Theodosia had been transformed she's quite a different woman now! – Resurrection by Maude, Louise Shanks
  5. Helen's face was transformed her eyes glowed, her lips were parted with eagerness. – The Zeppelin's Passenger by E. Phillips Oppenheim