Definitions of traffic

  1. To trade; to buy and sell wares.
  2. To barter; conduct business; buy and sell.
  3. To exchange in traffic; to effect by a bargain or for a consideration.
  4. To exchange:- pr. p. trafficking; pa. t. and pa. p. trafficked.
  5. To pass goods and commodities from one person to another for an equivalent in goods or money; to buy or sell goods; to barter; to trade.
  6. To trade meanly or mercenarily; to bargain.
  7. To barter; to bargain; to do business in a mean spirit.
  8. To trade: to trade meanly.
  9. To trade.
  10. deal illegally; " traffic drugs"
  11. trade or deal a commodity; " They trafficked with us for gold"
  12. Commerce, either by barter or by buying and selling; interchange of goods and commodities; trade.
  13. Commodities of the market.
  14. The business done upon a railway, steamboat line, etc., with reference to the number of passengers or the amount of freight carried.
  15. To buy and sell goods; to trade; to carry on commerce; to trade meanly or mercenarily.
  16. buying and selling; especially illicit trade
  17. the aggregation of things ( pedestrians or vehicles or messages) coming and going in a particular locality
  18. the aggregation of things ( pedestrians or vehicles) coming and going in a particular locality during a specified period of time
  19. Business or trade; commerce; the business done by a railway, steamship line, etc.; the congestion of passing of vehicles in a city street.
  20. Trafficker.
  21. Commerce: large trade: the business done on a railway, etc.
  22. Commerce; trade; business.
  23. The exchange of goods, wares, etc.; trade; transportation, as by railroad.
  24. Commerce; trade; amount of traffic; intercourse.
  25. Large trade; goods or persons passing to and fro along a road, railway, or canal.
  26. Trafficked.