Definitions of trade

  1. an equal exchange; " we had no money so we hd to live by barter"
  2. a particular instance of buying or selling; " it was a package deal"; " I had no further trade with him"; " he's a master of the business deal"
  3. the skilled practice of a practical occupation; " he learned his trade as an apprentice"
  4. people who perform a particular kind of skilled work; " he represented the craft of brewers"; " as they say in the trade"
  5. do business; offer for sale as for one's livelihood; " She deals in gold"; " The brothers sell shoes"
  6. the business given to a commercial establishment by its customers; " even before noon there was a considerable patronage"
  7. an equal exchange; " we had no money so we had to live by barter"
  8. exchange or give ( something) in exchange for
  9. be traded at a certain price or under certain conditions; " The stock traded around $ 20 a share"
  10. the commercial exchange ( buying and selling on domestic or international markets) of goods and services; " Venice was an important center of trade with the East"; " they are accused of conspiring to constrain trade"
  11. steady winds blowing from east to west above and below the equator; " they rode the trade winds going west"
  12. relating to or used in or intended for trade or commerce; " a trade fair"; " trade journals"; " trade goods"
  13. turn in as payment or part payment for a purchase; " trade in an old car for a new one"
  14. engage in the trade of; " he is merchandising telephone sets"
  15. imp. of Tread.
  16. A track; a trail; a way; a path; also, passage; travel; resort.
  17. Course; custom; practice; occupation; employment.
  18. Business of any kind; matter of mutual consideration; affair; dealing.
  19. Specifically: The act or business of exchanging commodities by barter, or by buying and selling for money; commerce; traffic; barter.
  20. The business which a person has learned, and which he engages in, for procuring subsistence, or for profit; occupation; especially, mechanical employment as distinguished from the liberal arts, the learned professions, and agriculture; as, we speak of the trade of a smith, of a carpenter, or mason, but not now of the trade of a farmer, or a lawyer, or a physician.
  21. Instruments of any occupation.
  22. A company of men engaged in the same occupation; thus, booksellers and publishers speak of the customs of the trade, and are collectively designated as the trade.
  23. The trade winds.
  24. Refuse or rubbish from a mine.
  25. To barter, or to buy and sell; to be engaged in the exchange, purchase, or sale of goods, wares, merchandise, or anything else; to traffic; to bargain; to carry on commerce as a business.
  26. To buy and sell or exchange property in a single instance.
  27. To sell or exchange in commerce; to barter.
  28. To have dealings; to be concerned or associated; - usually followed by with.
  29. An occupation; business; a particular means of livelihood learned and engaged in; buying and selling for money; commerce; traffic; as, the wheat trads, or the cotton trade; persons engaged in a particular business; as, the clothing trade.
  30. Pertaining to, or carried on by, a special business or firm; commercial.
  31. To conduct a business; to buy and sell goods; to carry on commerce; followed by with.
  32. To exchange.
  33. Buying and selling: commerce: occupation: men engaged in the same occupation.
  34. To buy and sell: to act merely for money.
  35. To traffic with.
  36. TRADER.
  37. Commerce; traffic; handicraft; body of dealers or craftsmen.
  38. To buy and sell.
  39. A trade wind.
  40. To dispose of by bargain and sale; barter.
  41. To engage in trade; traffic.
  42. A business; bargain; deal; traffic.
  43. Connected with trade or a trade.
  44. The act or business of exchanging commodities; buying and selling; commerce; traffic; the business which a person has learned; occupation, particularly mechanical employment; men engaged in the same occupation; custom; standing practice.
  45. To sell or exchange in commerce.
  46. To buy and soil; to traffic; to carry on commerce as a business.
  47. The proper meaning of trade is trodden way, beaten path or course; the business of buying and selling by barter or for money; commerce; the business which a person has learned, and which he carries on for a livelihood; mechanical or mercantile employment, as distinguished from a learned profession; occupation; the body of persons engaged in the same particular employment.
  48. To engage in selling and buying for money or by barter; to carry on commerce.

Usage examples for trade

  1. He would have given one eye for it, but none would trade with him! – King--of the Khyber Rifles by Talbot Mundy
  2. Some of 'em goes to our trade, for instance: the result is there's too many at it, and there ain't enough work to keep 'em all goin'. – The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists by Robert Tressell
  3. Then I'll trade you, Bassett. – The Breaking Point by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  4. What is it, Trade? – The Silent Mill by Hermann Sudermann
  5. We both have a stake in keeping free trade. – Caribbee by Thomas Hoover
  6. That is my trade, you know. – Gossamer 1915 by George A. Birmingham
  7. What are you really- by trade, I mean? – The Literary Sense by E. Nesbit
  8. The man glanced up and down at his visitor and said doubtfully,- " Don't know you- are you in the trade?" – A Dog with a Bad Name by Talbot Baines Reed
  9. I would not trade this moment for all the years before it. – The University of Hard Knocks by Ralph Parlette
  10. Was he in trade? – A Houseful of Girls by Sarah Tytler
  11. " Before I trade here, O Ingonyama, there is another matter I would speak about," said Dawes. – The Luck of Gerard Ridgeley by Bertram Mitford
  12. What trade or business do you suppose you could take up now, and get a living out of? – The Damnation of Theron Ware by Harold Frederic
  13. What he thought about his trade and some other things we shall see by and by. – Gutta-Percha Willie by George MacDonald
  14. I kept quiet about my trade. – Twenty Years of Hus'ling by J. P. Johnston
  15. " The trade must be taken care of" and if she couldn't " do it" he would get " some one who could." – Commercialized Prostitution in New York City by George Jackson Kneeland
  16. Let her go learn her sisters' trade; or some other, if she likes. – Opportunities by Susan Warner
  17. " I hope not," Angioletto took him up; " because I have done with poetising and have a mind to try your trade." – Little Novels of Italy Madonna Of The Peach-Tree, Ippolita In The Hills, The Duchess Of Nona, Messer Cino And The Live Coal, The Judgment Of Borso by Maurice Henry Hewlett
  18. " I guess it won't do much lumberin', so that trade is done for. – Kitty's Class Day And Other Stories by Louisa M. Alcott
  19. I'd like to have her trade here, but of course I don't keep the best of everything. – Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue Keeping Store by Laura Lee Hope