Definitions of tower

  1. To rise and fly high; to soar; to be lofty. Tower of London, an ancient citadel on the Thames, containing an arsenal, & c. Tower- bastion, a small tower made in the form of bastions, with rooms or cells beneath for men and guns.
  2. To soar into.
  3. To rise and overtop other objects; to be lofty or very high; hence, to soar.
  4. To rise to a great height; to overtop other objects.
  5. To rise into the air: to be lofty.
  6. To be lofty; rise aloft.
  7. To rise like a tower.
  8. To be lofty; to rise and fly high; to soar.
  9. anything tall and thin approximating the shape of a column or tower; " the test tube held a column of white powder"; " a tower of dust rose above the horizon"; " a thin pillar of smoke betrayed their campsite"
  10. A projection from a line of wall, as a fortification, for purposes of defense, as a flanker, either or the same height as the curtain wall or higher.
  11. A structure appended to a larger edifice for a special purpose, as for a belfry, and then usually high in proportion to its width and to the height of the rest of the edifice; as, a church tower.
  12. A citadel; a fortress; hence, a defense.
  13. A headdress of a high or towerlike form, fashionable about the end of the seventeenth century and until 1715; also, any high headdress.
  14. High flight; elevation.
  15. A high structure, square or circular, rising above its surroundings, and either standing alone or attached to a building; as, a watchtower; a church tower; a citadel or fortress.
  16. A lofty building, standing alone or forming part of another: a fortress.
  17. A lofty building; fortress.
  18. A lofty structure; a citadel; fortress.
  19. A lofty building, circular or square, consisting of many stories; a part of a building rising high above the main edifice; high flight; elevation.