Definitions of tonic

  1. A tonic element or letter; a vowel or a diphthong.
  2. The key tone, or first tone of any scale.
  3. A medicine that increases the strength, and gives vigor of action to the system.
  4. The keynote of a scale or composition in music; a strengthening medicine.
  5. A medicine that increases vigor; in mus., the key- note.
  6. A tonic medicine or anything invigorating.
  7. A medicine that gives tone and vigour of nerve and muscle, especially to the system; the key- note; the sound produced by a vocal string in a given degree of tension Tonic spasm, a continuous spasmodic contraction.
  8. A medicine or agent which imparts vigour and strength to the body; a stomachic; in music, the key- note or fundamental sound which generates all the rest.
  9. imparting vitality and energy; " the bracing mountain air"
  10. ( physiology) of or relating to or producing normal tone or tonus in muscles or tissue; " a tonic reflex"; " tonic muscle contraction"
  11. relating to or being the keynote of a major or minor scale; " tonic harmony"
  12. Characterized by continuous muscular contraction; as, tonic convulsions.
  13. Of or relating to tones or sounds; specifically ( Phon.), applied to, or distingshing, a speech sound made with tone unmixed and undimmed by obstruction, such sounds, namely, the vowels and diphthongs, being so called by Dr. James Rush ( 1833) " from their forming the purest and most plastic material of intonation."
  14. Of or pertaining to tension; increasing tension; hence, increasing strength; as, tonic power.
  15. Increasing strength, or the tone of the animal system; obviating the effects of debility, and restoring healthy functions.
  16. Pertaining to sounds; tending to strengthen; bracing.
  17. Relating to tones or sounds: ( med.) giving tone and vigor to the system: giving or increasing strength.
  18. Relating to tones; pertaining to the key- note; giving vigor to the system.
  19. Invigorating; bracing.
  20. Pertaining to tone or tones.
  21. Increasing tension or strength, specially tone in the animal system; obviating the effects of debility, and restoring healthy functions.
  22. Increasing tension; giving or increasing strength; imparting vigour to the bodily system; strengthening; pert. to tones or sounds; in music, denoting the key- note.
  23. See under tone.