Definitions of ton

  1. a British unit of weight equivalent to 2240 pounds
  2. The prevailing fashion or mode; vogue; as, things of ton.
  3. A measure of weight or quantity.
  4. The weight of twenty hundredweight.
  5. Forty cubic feet of space, being the unit of measurement of the burden, or carrying capacity, of a vessel; as a vessel of 300 tons burden.
  6. A certain weight or quantity of merchandise, with reference to transportation as freight; as, six hundred weight of ship bread in casks, seven hundred weight in bags, eight hundred weight in bulk; ten bushels of potatoes; eight sacks, or ten barrels, of flour; forty cubic feet of rough, or fifty cubic feet of hewn, timber, etc.
  7. A measure of weight, usually twenty hundredweight; the weight of 2, 240 pounds, used in Great Britain, commonly called a long ton; the weight of 2, 000 pounds, used in America, often called a short ton; a unit of measurement for cargo space in ships, equal to one hundred cubic feet; as, a ship of 6, 000 tons burden.
  8. A barrel, hence a barrel- full: 20 cwt. or 2240 lbs. avoir.
  9. The prevailing fashion.
  10. Weight of 2240, or 2000, pounds avoirdupois; 40 cubic feet.
  11. A measure of weight, either 2, 000 pounds ( a short ton), or 2, 240 pounds ( a long ton).
  12. A measure of 40 to 100 cubic feet. See TONNAGE.
  13. Tone; style; votaries of fashion.
  14. A weight of 20 cwts. or 2, 240 lbs.; in ships, 40 cubic feet. See Tun.
  15. The prevailing fashion; the fashion.
  16. A weight of 20 cwt.; in ship- measuring, 40 cubic feet, by which the burden of a ship is estimated.
  17. The prevailing fashion; high mode.