Definitions of toe

  1. To touch or reach with the toes; to come fully up to; as, to toe the mark.
  2. To touch, reach, or strike with the tip of the foot.
  3. To touch with the toes.
  4. To furnish with a toe.
  5. To hold or carry the toes ( in a certain way).
  6. touch with the toe
  7. hit the ball with the toe of the club, in golf
  8. Toeing.
  9. one of the digits of the foot
  10. forepart of a hoof
  11. ( golf) the part of a clubhead farthest from the shaft
  12. drive ( a golf ball) with the toe of the club
  13. hit ( a golf ball) with the toe of the club
  14. One of the terminal members, or digits, of the foot of a man or an animal.
  15. The fore part of the hoof or foot of an animal.
  16. Anything, or any part, corresponding to the toe of the foot; as, the toe of a boot; the toe of a skate.
  17. The journal, or pivot, at the lower end of a revolving shaft or spindle, which rests in a step.
  18. A lateral projection at one end, or between the ends, of a piece, as a rod or bolt, by means of which it is moved.
  19. One of the five digits of the foot; the front of the foot, or of a stocking or other foot covering; opposite to heel; the fore part of a horse's hoof; anything resembling a toe; a projection.
  20. One of the five small members at the point of the foot: the corresponding member of a beast's foot: the front of an animal's hoof.
  21. One of the five small members at the point of the foot; corresponding member of an animal's foot; front of an animal's hoof; part of a shoe, boot, & c., which covers the toes.
  22. Over; more than enough; also.
  23. One of the digits of a foot; front part of a hoof, shoe, or the like.
  24. One of the small members which form the extremity of the foot, corresponding to a finger on the hand; the fore- part of the hoof of a horse, or of any other hoofed animal; any prolongation of the foot like a toe.
  25. One of the five branches which terminate a foot; one of the fore parts of the paw or foot of a beast.
  26. having a toe or toes of a specified kind; often used in combination; " long- toed"; " five- toed"
  27. Toed.