Definitions of tire

  1. To become weary; to be fatigued.
  2. To adorn; to attire; to dress.
  3. To exhaust the strength of, as by toil or labor; to exhaust the patience of; to wear out ( one's interest, attention, or the like); to weary; to fatigue; to jade.
  4. To supply ( a wheel) with a rim of iron or rubber; to make weary; exhaust or wear out the patience of.
  5. ( B.) To dress, as the head.
  6. To harass, to vex: to exhaust the strength of: to weary.
  7. To attire; put a tire on; to weary; exhaust.
  8. To weary; fatigue.
  9. To furnish with a tire; put a tire on.
  10. To seize, pull, and tear prey, as a hawk does.
  11. To seize, rend, or tear something as prey; to be fixed upon, or engaged with, anything.
  12. To become weary; to be fatigued; to have the strength fail; to have the patience exhausted; as, a feeble person soon tires.
  13. To become weary or exhausted.
  14. To become weary: to be fatigued: to have the patience exhausted.
  15. To become weary.
  16. deplete; " exhaust one's savings"; " We quickly played out our strength"
  17. To dress the head.
  18. To attire; to adorn.
  19. To exhaust the strength of by toil or labour; to weary or fatigue; to exhaust the attention or patience of with dulness and tediousness.
  20. To fatigue; to weary; to exhaust the strength by labour; to be fatigued; to have the patience exhausted.
  21. hoop that covers a wheel; " automobile tires are usually made of rubber and filled with compressed air"
  22. A tier, row, or rank. See Tier.
  23. Attire; apparel.
  24. A covering for the head; a headdress.
  25. A child's apron, covering the breast and having no sleeves; a pinafore; a tier.
  26. Furniture; apparatus; equipment.
  27. A hoop or band, as of metal, on the circumference of the wheel of a vehicle, to impart strength and receive the wear.
  28. A band or hoop of iron or rubber on the rim or tread of a wheel.
  29. The hoop of iron that ties or binds the fellies of wheels.
  30. Apparel; head- dress; iron band around a wheel.
  31. A band surrounding the rim of a wheel.
  32. A tiara; head dress.
  33. Attire; furniture; apparatus.
  34. A band or hoop, usually of iron, to bind the fellies of wheels.
  35. A row or rank; a head- dress; furniture; apparantus; in mil., guns, shot, and shells, & c., placed in a regular form.
  36. A heavy band or hoop of iron used to tie or bind the fellies of wheels in order to secure them from breaking or wearing.
  37. Tired.