Definitions of tight

  1. To tighten.
  2. Somewhat intoxicated; tipsy.
  3. Firmly held together; compact; not loose or open; as, tight cloth; a tight knot.
  4. Fitting close, or too close, to the body; as, a tight coat or other garment.
  5. Not ragged; whole; neat; tidy.
  6. Close; parsimonious; saving; as, a man tight in his dealings.
  7. Handy; adroit; brisk.
  8. Close, so as not to admit the passage of a liquid or other fluid; not leaky; as, a tight ship; a tight cask; a tight room; - often used in this sense as the second member of a compound; as, water- tight; air- tight.
  9. Not slack or loose; firmly stretched; taut; - applied to a rope, chain, or the like, extended or stretched out.
  10. Pressing; stringent; not easy; firmly held; dear; - said of money or the money market. Cf. Easy, 7.
  11. Closely fitting garments for the lower limbs, worn by actors, acrobats, etc.
  12. Tightness.
  13. firmly or tightly; " held fast to the rope"; " her foot was stuck fast"; " held tight"
  14. Tightly.
  15. pressed tightly together; " with lips compressed"
  16. pulled or drawn tight; " taut sails"; " a tight drumhead"; " a tight rope"
  17. set so close together as to be invulnerable to penetration; " in tight formation"; " a tight blockade"
  18. ( economics) affected by scarcity and expensive to borrow; " tight money"; " a tight market"
  19. packed closely together; " the stood in a tight little group"; " hair in tight curls"; " the pub was packed tight"
  20. closely constrained or constricted or constricting; " tight skirts"; " he hated tight starched collars"; " fingers closed in a tight fist"; " a tight feeling in his chest"
  21. securely or solidly fixed in place; rigid; " the bolts are tight"
  22. affected by scarcity and expensive to borrow; " tight money"; " a tight market"
  23. of such close construction as to be impermeable; " a tight roof"; " warm in our tight little house"
  24. of textiles; " a close weave"; " smooth percale with a very tight weave"
  25. A quantity having an intermediate value between several others, from which it is derived, and of which it expresses the resultant value; usually, unless otherwise specified, it is the simple average, formed by adding the quantities together and dividing by their number, which is called an arithmetical mean. A geometrical mean is the square root of the product of the quantities.
  26. p. p. of Tie.
  27. Not loose; fastened firmly together; close; closely built; as, a tight barrel; fitting close to the body; as, a tight shoe; not leaky; as, a water- tight ship; taut or stretched; as, a tight rope; scarce, as money.
  28. Close: compact: not leaky: fitting closely: not loose.
  29. Close; compact; firmly drawn; firm; not leaky.
  30. Not leaky; impervious.
  31. Closely drawn or fastened; stringent.
  32. Fitting closely.
  33. Close; compact; not loose or open; net admitting much air; fitting close to the body, as clothes; tense; parsimonious; saving.
  34. Not loose or slack; compact; not leaky; not having holes; sitting very close to the body, as clothes; ill supplied or stringent, as the money- market.
  35. Close- fitting pantaloons.