Quotes of Thy

  1. Nothing has such power to broaden the mind as the ability to investigate systematically and truly all that comes under thy observation in life. – Marcus Aurelius
  2. Dream manfully and nobly, and thy dreams shall be prophets. – Robert Bulwer-Lytton
  3. And though thou notest from thy safe recess old friends burn dim, like lamps in noisome air love them for what they are; nor love them less, because to thee they are not what they were. – Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  4. Forgive, O Lord, my little jokes on Thee, and I'll forgive Thy great big joke on me. – Robert Frost
  5. Thou ought to be nice, even to superstition, in keeping thy promises, and therefore equally cautious in making them. – Thomas Fuller
  6. But curb thou the high spirit in thy breast, for gentle ways are best, and keep aloof from sharp contentions. – Homer
  7. Most Glorious and eternal Majesty, Thou art righteous and holy in all thou dost to the sons of men, though thou hast suffered men to condemn Thy servant, Thy servant will not condemn Thee. – Christopher Love
  8. Teach thy tongue to say 'I do not know,' and thou shalt progress. – Maimonides
  9. Blue thou art, intensely blue; Flower, whence came thy dazzling hue? – James Montgomery
  10. Ah, Hope! what would life be, stripped of thy encouraging smiles, that teach us to look behind the dark clouds of to -day, for the golden beams that are to gild the morrow. – Susanna Moodie
  11. Less than the dust beneath thy chariot wheel, less than the weed that grows beside thy door. – Adela Florence Nicolson
  12. Thy love is singular when all thy delight is in Jesus Christ and in no other thing finds joy and comfort. – Richard Rolle
  13. What would it profit thee to be the first Of echoes, tho thy tongue should live forever, A thing that answers, but hath not a thought As lasting but as senseless as a stone. – Frederick Tennyson
  14. Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories. – Sun Tzu
  15. But an old age serene and bright, and lovely as a Lapland night, shall lead thee to thy grave. – William Wordsworth

Usage examples for Thy

  1. I feel as if I ought to take thee right back to thy room. – A Day Of Fate by E. P. Roe
  2. What's thy name, by the way? – In the Days of the Guild by Louise Lamprey
  3. " I have come from thy house," was the answer. – Flowers from a Persian Garden and Other Papers by W. A. Clouston
  4. And he can't say 'no, ' if Doctor Lavendar says, 'honor thy father and thy mother'! – An Old Chester Secret by Margaret Deland
  5. It is a granarie for all thy train. – Lucasta by Richard Lovelace
  6. A greeting is sent, too, to " the Church in thy house." – The Expositor's Bible: Colossians and Philemon by Alexander Maclaren
  7. It should be one of double thy years and experience. – The Flamingo Feather by Kirk Munroe
  8. Hasn't thy mother told thee not to go on the water? – Dotty Dimple At Home by Sophie May
  9. Give him thy hand, Lydon. – The Last Days of Pompeii by Edward George Bulwer-Lytton
  10. Thy ears, those can I not see- ah! – Leonie of the Jungle by Joan Conquest
  11. Where is thy home? – Leaves from a Field Note-Book by J. H. Morgan
  12. What is thy choice? – Persian Literature, Volume 1,Comprising The Shah Nameh, The Rubaiyat, The Divan, and The Gulistan by Anonymous
  13. What's all thy time? – The Works Of John Dryden, Vol. 7 (of 18) The Duke of Guise; Albion and Albanius; Don Sebastian by John Dryden
  14. Then asked him in a business way, Kindly but cold: " Is thy wife dead?" – The Complete Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  15. See, He is standing by this bad man, and He says, 'Give me thy heart. – The Children's Pilgrimage by L. T. Meade
  16. Speak, I say; who was thy father? – Shakespeare's Lost Years in London, 1586-1592 by Arthur Acheson
  17. Give it me, and I will spare thy life. – Cinq Mars, Complete by Alfred de Vigny Last Updated: March 3, 2009
  18. He is thy lord, for love's and lady's sake; He is thy master, or I much mistake. – Love Letters of a Violinist and Other Poems by Eric Mackay
  19. Fill me with Thy Holy Spirit, that I may lead a new life. – With the Guards' Brigade from Bloemfontein to Koomati Poort and Back by Edward P. Lowry
  20. Let me see thy face. – Six One-Act Plays by Margaret Scott Oliver

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