Usage examples for thud

  1. A thud vibrated on the air- the sound of the flung- down weapon. – A Tar-Heel Baron by Mabell Shippie Clarke Pelton
  2. It was as if he had dropped from a roof, but the thud was grateful to him. – Men, Women, and Boats by Stephen Crane
  3. But now from somewhere among the broken ground immediately in front of us there came one last despairing yell, and then a dull, heavy thud. – The Hound of the Baskervilles by A. Conan Doyle
  4. At first he paid no attention to it, but presently, on hearing a heavy thud, he had to look back. – The Emperor of Portugallia by Selma Lagerlof
  5. With all his strength he hit the officer on the head, each blow descending with a dull, ugly thud. – Best Russian Short Stories by Various
  6. The glint of the gun disappeared, and there was a faint thud from the floor. – The Man Who Staked the Stars by Charles Dye
  7. I wondered what they were about, for I couldn't see, but the pressure on my neck was terrible, when, after the last one had gone, I heard a hiss, a whizz, and a thud. – Tales from the Veld by Ernest Glanville
  8. Suddenly above our heads sounded a soft whistle, which was not the wind, followed by a dull thud in the distance. – A Surgeon in Belgium by Henry Sessions Souttar
  9. Away flew her bundle of flour- thud went the paper bag, and off came the string, and there it was all spilled on the ground. – The Adventures of Joel Pepper by Margaret Sidney
  10. There was a flash and a thud. – Lost Farm Camp by Harry Herbert Knibbs
  11. Outside I heard the dull thud of the sea. – My Attainment of the Pole by Frederick A. Cook
  12. As she spoke, her feet flew from under her and she came down with a thud. – Ten Girls from History by Kate Dickinson Sweetser
  13. Not a sound arose from streets and houses around, but every few seconds there came from the south- east a distant boom, followed by the whistle of a shell overhead and the dull thud of its explosion. – A Surgeon in Belgium by Henry Sessions Souttar
  14. A kind of sickening thud seemed to drop through his mind down to the pit of his stomach as he tried to think it out. – The City of Fire by Grace Livingston Hill
  15. Then there came the quick little thud of her feet as she went downstairs. – The Trespasser by D.H. Lawrence
  16. A blow- a thud- that was all.... – O. Henry Memorial Award Prize Stories of 1921 by Various
  17. At that very instant there was a flash, a pistol- shot, and the man's arms went whirling, and he staggered and fell over the edge of the flat, and struck the grass below with a heavy thud. – Foul Play by Charles Reade Dion Boucicault
  18. There was the dull thud of hoofs. – The Red Planet by William J. Locke
  19. Androvsky hung on, and climbed somehow into the saddle, coming down in it heavily, with a thud. – The Garden Of Allah by Robert Hichens