Definitions of thick

  1. To thicken.
  2. Having more depth or extent from one surface to its opposite than usual; not thin or slender; as, a thick plank; thick cloth; thick paper; thick neck.
  3. Dense; not thin; inspissated; as, thick vapors. Also used figuratively; as, thick darkness.
  4. Not transparent or clear; hence, turbid, muddy, or misty; as, the water of a river is apt to be thick after a rain.
  5. Abundant, close, or crowded in space; closely set; following in quick succession; frequently recurring.
  6. Not having due distinction of syllables, or good articulation; indistinct; as, a thick utterance.
  7. Deep; profound; as, thick sleep.
  8. Dull; not quick; as, thick of fearing.
  9. Intimate; very friendly; familiar.
  10. Measuring in the third dimension other than length and breadth, or in general dimension other than length; - said of a solid body; as, a timber seven inches thick.
  11. The thickest part, or the time when anything is thickest.
  12. A thicket; as, gloomy thicks.
  13. The densest part: as, the thick of the fight.
  14. Thickness.
  15. The time when or place where any thing is thickest or most intense.
  16. The thickest part.
  17. The thickest or most crowded part.
  18. Frequently; fast; quick.
  19. Closely; as, a plat of ground thick sown.
  20. To a great depth, or to a greater depth than usual; as, land covered thick with manure.
  21. Closely; as, thick and fast they came.
  22. Closely: frequently: fast: to a great depth.
  23. In a thick manner.
  24. Frequently; fast; closely; to a great depth. Thick and thin, whatever is in the way.
  25. Fast; frequently; to a greater depth than usual.
  26. wide from side to side; " a heavy black mark"
  27. abundantly covered of filled; " the top was thick with dust"
  28. abundant; " a thick head of hair"
  29. relatively dense in consistency; " thick cream"; " thick soup"; " thick smoke"; " thick fog"
  30. abundantly covered or filled; " the top was thick with dust"
  31. ( of darkness) very intense; " thick night"; " thick darkness"; " a face in deep shadow"; " deep night"
  32. not thin; of a specific thickness or of relatively great extent from one surface to the opposite usually in the smallest of the three solid dimensions; " an inch thick"; " a thick board"; " a thick sandwich"; " spread a thick layer of butter".
  33. Not thin; having considerable distance between two opposite surfaces; as, a thick book; not slender; as, a thick staff; closely set, as trees; dense; as, a thick cloud; crowded; not clear; as, the air was thick; misty; muddy; dull or stupid; colloquially, very intimate; indistinct, as speech.
  34. Dense: imperfectly mobile: compact: not transparent or clear: misty: dull: crowded: closely set: abundant: frequent, in quick succession: having great depth or circumference.
  35. Closely; in quick succession; to a great depth.
  36. Not thin; large in depth or girth; dense; not clear; closely set; numerous.
  37. Having relatively great distance from one surface to its opposite.
  38. Having a specified dimension distinguished from length and width.
  39. Arranged compactly; close; dense; abundant.
  40. Foggy; misty; dull.
  41. Dense; not thin; inspissated; turbid; muddy; having more depth or extent from one surface to its opposite than usual; crowded close; following close or fast; not distinctly articulate; dull.
  42. Not thin; dense; close; compact, muddy; not clear; having more depth from side to side, or from sufrace to surfacem than in common use; deep, as five inches thick; crowded; followin each other in quick succession; dark; obscure; dull; stupid; intimate or familiar, as he is very thick with him.