Quotes of therefore

  1. The reason of the close concurrence between the individual's progress and that of the race appears, therefore when we remember the dependence of each upon the other. – James M. Baldwin
  2. Leadership is intangible, and therefore no weapon ever designed can replace it. – Omar N. Bradley
  3. The desire for possession is insatiable, to such a point that it can survive even love itself. To love, therefore is to sterilize the person one loves. – Albert Camus
  4. Woe, woe, woe... in a little while we shall all be dead. Therefore let us behave as though we were dead already. – Raymond Chandler
  5. The enemy resembles us. Therefore he needs to be approached not as an assembly of 'targets' to be destroyed one by one; but as a living, intelligent entity capable of acting and reacting. – Martin Van Creveld
  6. I would, therefore say that for no reason whatsoever, except in self -defence, should one think of killing any animal. – Morarji Desai
  7. It may not be proper for me, perhaps, to let my feelings carry me further am therefore resigned to stop here, if sir, you think my particular reasons following too free, or will give offense to the House, which I would be sorry to be thought capable of intending. – Christopher Gadsden
  8. God is a challenge because there is no proof of his existence and therefore the search must continue. – Donald Knuth
  9. I rant, therefore I am. – Dennis Miller
  10. Learning has always been made much of, but forgetting has always been deprecated; therefore pedantry has pretty well established itself throughout the modern world at the expense of culture. – Albert J. Nock
  11. A just laicism allows religious freedom. The state does not impose religion but rather gives space to religions with a responsibility toward civil society, and therefore it allows these religions to be factors in building up society. – Pope Benedict XVI
  12. If there are flaws they are in ourselves, and our task therefore must be one not of redesign but of renewal and reaffirmation, especially of the standards in which all of us believe. – Elliot Richardson
  13. Everything is the product of one universal creative effort. There is nothing dead in Nature. Everything is organic and living, and therefore the whole world appears to be a living organism. – Lucius Annaeus Seneca
  14. A boxer's diet should be low in fat and high in proteins and sugar. Therefore you should eat plenty of lean meat, milk, leafy vegetables, and fresh fruit and ice cream for sugar. – Gene Tunney
  15. Seems like it's going to be really hard to make money at it, and, therefore really hard to get any great games done. Much like Flash games, the audience is huge, but the content isn't likely to be good enough to have people pay for it. – Mike Wilson

Usage examples for therefore

  1. Not a fine man at all, you know- no leg to speak of, and therefore no form. – Thelma by Marie Corelli
  2. You had, therefore better dress at once, my dear general. – NAPOLEON AND BLUCHER by L. Muhlbach
  3. Therefore they offer you the opportunity to go ashore with our scouts, and to act with them. – In the Yellow Sea by Henry Frith
  4. Therefore what is good for the one is meet for the other. – The Inside Story Of The Peace Conference by Emile Joseph Dillon
  5. Therefore he held off for some little time. – Fated to Be Free by Jean Ingelow
  6. What wonder, therefore in old men if they are sometimes weak when even young men can not escape that. – The Best of the World's Classics, Restricted to prose. Volume II (of X) - Rome by Various
  7. Let them therefore think no more." – The Triumph of Hilary Blachland by Bertram Mitford
  8. Therefore let us pass on. – Contemporary One-Act Plays Compiler: B. Roland Lewis by Sir James M. Barrie George Middleton Althea Thurston Percy Mackaye Lady Augusta Gregor Eugene Pillot Anton Tchekov Bosworth Crocker Alfred Kreymborg Paul Greene Arthur Hopkins Paul Hervieu Jeannette Marks Oscar M. Wolff David Pinski Beulah Bornstead Herma
  9. It was no wonder, therefore that I should laugh. – The Coming of the King by James Hocking
  10. I am very curious about it, and therefore about him. – A Mortal Antipathy by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
  11. " Therefore you're free to go. – The Blue Pavilions by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  12. I therefore take my course. – Nancy A Novel by Rhoda Broughton
  13. This, therefore was a coming of Christ. – Orthodoxy: Its Truths And Errors by James Freeman Clarke
  14. He therefore sent to desire his son to come to him. – Quicksands by Adolph Streckfuss
  15. It ought to be so, therefore it is so. – Hypatia or, New Foes with an Old Face by Charles Kingsley
  16. They, therefore must have love. – H. R. by Edwin Lefevre
  17. Therefore I say, let us watch, and find out how they do it. – When London Burned by G. A. Henty
  18. Can we therefore do so? – On the Variation of Species, with Especial Reference to the Insecta ; Followed by an Inquiry into the Nature of Genera by Thomas Vernon Wollaston
  19. Therefore we should look into these matters thoroughly. – Reno A Book of Short Stories and Information by Lilyan Stratton
  20. Therefore I glanced at him as we walked on together, but said nothing. – Great Expectations by Charles Dickens