Definitions of temple

  1. To build a temple for; to appropriate a temple to; as, to temple a god.
  2. ( Judaism) the place of worship for a Jewish congregation
  3. an edifice devoted to special or exalted purposes
  4. A building dedicated to the administration of ordinances.
  5. A local organization of Odd Fellows.
  6. A contrivence used in a loom for keeping the web stretched transversely.
  7. The space, on either side of the head, back of the eye and forehead, above the zygomatic arch and in front of the ear.
  8. One of the side bars of a pair of spectacles, jointed to the bows, and passing one on either side of the head to hold the spectacles in place.
  9. A place or edifice dedicated to the worship of some deity; as, the temple of Jupiter at Athens, or of Juggernaut in India.
  10. The edifice erected at Jerusalem for the worship of Jehovah.
  11. Hence, among Christians, an edifice erected as a place of public worship; a church.
  12. A building for religious worship; the flat part of the head, at the side, above the cheek bone.
  13. a small space cut off or " marked out," esp. for religious purposes: an edifice erected to a deity or for religious purposes: a place of worship: in London, two inns of court, once occupied by the Knights Templars.
  14. The flat portion of either side of the head above the cheekbone.
  15. An edifice consecrated to a deity, or for religious purposes; flat part of the head between the forehead and ear.
  16. The region on each side of the head in front of the ear and above the cheek - bone.
  17. An edifice erected for religious services in honour of some deity, and generally considered as inhabited by the deity; a place of public worship: in London, two inns of court, chiefly inhabited by lawyers, and so called because they were anciently the dwellings of the Knights Templars.
  18. The anterior and lateral part of the head, where the skull is covered by the temporal muscles.
  19. Usually in the.
  20. A building appropriated to religious rites and worship; a church; in London, two inns of court, chiefly inhabited by lawyers- see Templar.