Usage examples for telephonic

  1. " Yet I did not hear that volume of 'Hallos' which precedes telephonic connection in your country of leisure," Hanaud continued. – The Affair at the Semiramis Hotel by A. E. W. (Alfred Edward Woodley) Mason
  2. The postal, telegraphic, and telephonic services are also State concerns. – Wheat Growing in Australia by Australia Department of External Affairs
  3. The telephonic communication was lengthy. – The Idol of Paris by Sarah Bernhardt
  4. Of course, if you want to talk back you must have a wireless transmitter, either telegraphic or telephonic, and this is a much more expensive part of the apparatus than the receptor, both in its initial cost and in its operation. – The Radio Amateur's Hand Book by A. Frederick Collins
  5. Tyrant trim and telephonic, Christmas offerings to thee? – Tobogganing On Parnassus by Franklin P. Adams
  6. Accordingly I sat down and wrote to my son, mentioning the dream and asking whether between three and four on that day he was in any kind of mental trouble or anxiety- anything that by an imperfect telephonic message might have got through to me as a hunting accident. – The Adventure of Living by John St. Loe Strachey
  7. Now you can see what is necessary for telephonic transmission. – Letters of a Radio-Engineer to His Son by John Mills
  8. He had the usual telephonic contention with her as to who he was, and what he wanted, but he got her at last to take his dispatch to Ponkwasset Falls, asking whether Northwick was at the Mills. – The Quality of Mercy by W. D. Howells
  9. Its operations during the war covered the electrical connection of all coast fortifications, the establishment of telephonic and telegraphic facilities for the camps at Manila, Santiago, and in Puerto Rico. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various
  10. Wires had been run all over the city, and hundreds of improved telephonic receivers provided, so that every one could hear. – Edison's Conquest of Mars by Garrett Putman Serviss
  11. Where we were now stationed, to the north of Lydenburg, we even had telephonic communication between Spitskop and Doornhoek, with call- offices at Sabi and Pilgrim's Rest. – My Reminiscences of the Anglo-Boer War by Ben Viljoen
  12. For the world of telephonic messages, for the type of messages that go through the telephone. – An Introduction to Philosophy by George Stuart Fullerton
  13. Telephonic communication between firing- point and butts is now established. – The First Hundred Thousand by Ian Hay
  14. There was there as here a difference of opinion as to whether telephonic communication should be left to private enterprise or be constituted a Government monopoly. – The Empire of the East by H. B. Montgomery
  15. Telephonic sounds leap from wire to wire through quite ten feet of space. – New and Original Theories of the Great Physical Forces by Henry Raymond Rogers