Usage examples for telegram

  1. I left a telegram at the office to be sent you the first thing in the morning, but by that time you were here. – Blindfolded by Earle Ashley Walcott
  2. Did he pay for the telegram? – Jewel A Chapter In Her Life by Clara Louise Burnham
  3. I called to mind how six years before we had stood in just that same way reading a telegram the Captain had sent her. – Wanderers by Knut Hamsun
  4. She would send a telegram herself. – The Duke's Children by Anthony Trollope
  5. I tried to get him here a day earlier, but my telegram missed him, somehow. – Alexander's Bridge and The Barrel Organ by Willa Cather and Alfred Noyes
  6. But there came a telegram. – Hilda Lessways by Arnold Bennett
  7. An hour later the Pope called him back, and his voice was weak: " Bring in every telegram, judge." – In Happy Valley by John Fox
  8. There was no mention that the telegram had been received. – In the Courts of Memory 1858-1875. by L. de Hegermann-Lindencrone
  9. Give me that telegram. – The New Magdalen by Wilkie Collins
  10. I should like to see that telegram. – Lady Rose's Daughter by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  11. A telegram arrived from her lord. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  12. Did Dr. King send a telegram for me this morning? – The Awakening of Helena Richie by Margaret Deland
  13. " Oh, so you knew of that telegram," she said. – The Four Feathers by A. E. W. Mason
  14. No telegram or message? – A Mysterious Disappearance by Gordon Holmes
  15. Well, Mr. Ricketts, a lawyer here, came in about ten minutes ago, and described you, and wanted to know if you had sent a telegram. – Lord Stranleigh Abroad by Robert Barr
  16. Did Mr. Clarke leave a telegram for me? – Calvary Alley by Alice Hegan Rice
  17. A telegram to New York brought this answer: Merry Seas towed in considerably injured. – Frank Merriwell's Reward by Burt L. Standish
  18. He imagined that Telford or another of the gang had sent the telegram, and sat down when Pete came in. – Carmen's Messenger by Harold Bindloss
  19. A telegram shall be sent to her this morning. – The King's Stratagem and Other Stories by Stanley J. Weyman
  20. I was to have gone back to work on the Thursday week after I arrived home, but I got a telegram from Madame Sindici saying Furnes was being shelled, and the hospital, etc. – My War Experiences in Two Continents by Sarah Macnaughtan