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  1. I was a teen star. That's disgusting enough. – John Cusack
  2. If a movie isn't a hit right out of the gate, they drop it. Which means that the whole mainstream Hollywood product has been skewed toward violence and vulgar teen comedy. – Roger Ebert
  3. I progressed through so many different styles of music through my teen years, both as a player and a vocalist, particularly the jazz and pop of the early 20th Century. – Jeff Healey
  4. Sometimes, I feel like I spent the first part of my life wishing to be a teen -age boy, and the second part condemned to being one. – S. E. Hinton
  5. At the time I came along, Hollywood's idea of teen movies meant there had to be a lot of nudity, usually involving boys in pursuit of sex, and pretty gross overall. Either that or a horror movie. And the last thing Hollywood wanted in their teen movies was teenagers! – John Hughes
  6. I love being a part of Aqua Teen – Dana Snyder
  7. I did try to get a few of those teen high -school movies, but they just didn't like me. I guess I wasn't a certain type. – Leelee Sobieski
  8. I'm pretty sure this is it for the teen movie thing. It's so frustrating to read when you get to page 20 and you're like, Oy! It's the same thing again! – Marla Sokoloff
  9. They were marketing me as a teen idol, when the stuff on the record was not what teen idols were doing at the time. – Rick Springfield
  10. Maybe that's the whole teen oeuvre, you know covering people in disgusting bodily fluids and whatnot. – Rider Strong
  11. Since my teen years I was interested in martial arts. – Tony Visconti
  12. Every Teen Challenge ministry is responsible for raising its own finances, but we assist these works with finances, prayer and counseling, especially overseas in areas such as Siberia, Africa, South America. – David Wilkerson
  13. I am not officially involved now in the direction of the Teen Challenge ministry, but I rejoice that God permits me to be the father of these ministries. – David Wilkerson
  14. The Teen Challenge Training Center on Pennsylvania farmland houses over 200 men in rehab. Other farms and centers have been birthed out of this ministry all over the world. – David Wilkerson

Usage examples for teen

  1. So the name of the city of Timbuctoo is said by some to be derived from the Berber Word teen well", and Buktu, the name of the person who on its present site dug a well for the rendezvous or casual supply of passing caravans. – Travels in the Great Desert of Sahara, in the Years of 1845 and 1846 by James Richardson
  2. To strengthen the family we must do everything we can to keep the teen pregnancy rate going down. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various
  3. Mary, mother, think on me; Sweete Lady, maiden clean, Shield me from ill, shame, and teen Shield me, Lady, from villainy And from all wicked company! – News from the Duchy by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  4. These are difficult times in a teen ager's life. – The Key To Peace by A. Marie Miles
  5. " Een- dick," continued the little Indian, " teen dick, teddery- dick, peddery- dick, bumpin, een- bumpin, teen bumpin, teddery- bumpin, peddery- bumpin, jiggets." – Captain Horace by Sophie May
  6. The fish sandwiches arrived, and Joe watched the toddler with an ice cream cone in Honolulu, the girl veering her bike into a Maine hedge, the teen ager leaving home, the Seattle executive as she took a large bite. – Joe Burke's Last Stand by John Moncure Wetterau
  7. Then somebody found out Frank could sing and the human teen agers began to go for him. – The Love of Frank Nineteen by David Carpenter Knight
  8. The teen ager realized it was a make- talk question. – Frigid Fracas by Dallas McCord Reynolds
  9. Though some had started their first jobs, they hadn't managed to shake the daggy awkwardness which pursued them throughout their teen years. – Underground by Suelette Dreyfus
  10. He listened with half his attention as a small group of teen age boys came from one of the buildings and began exchanging angry insults with another group apparently waiting for them on the corner. – Victory by Lester del Rey
  11. Teen age boys and girls link arms, and Roller- skate on the paved streets, Shoulders touching; and laughter like a living thing between them. – I Run with the Fox by Mona Gould
  12. So science- fiction has a very real function to the teen agers; it presents varying ideas of what the world in which he will live his adult life will be interested in. – The Black Star Passes by John W Campbell
  13. Probably just a group of teen agers looking for thrills. – Second Sight by Basil Eugene Wells
  14. And double the tide Of our tears and our teen As we stand by our brothers in death and wail for the love that has been! – Suppliant Maidens and Other Plays by AEschylus
  15. It was probably the breaking up of the teen age argument. – Victory by Lester del Rey
  16. The poltergeist phenomenon is usually spectacular and is nearly always associated with teen age neurotics. – Psichopath by Gordon Randall Garrett
  17. He didn't wish to alarm me, but it was in his mind that the house had teen closed because of something planned to happen inside. – It Happened in Egypt by C. N. Williamson A. M. Williamson
  18. Trouble at home may be seen, I 2 Trouble is looked for with teen And to have and to look for are one. – The Seven Plays in English Verse by Sophocles
  19. He sat on the Council, and was the most respected of all the magnates of the dominion, for he had restrained the folly of successive Governors, and had ever teen ready to stand forth alike on behalf of the liberties of the settlers and their duties to the Crown. – Salute to Adventurers by John Buchan

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