Usage examples for Tastes

  1. But we all have our tastes: whats one woman's meat is another woman's poison. – Misalliance by George Bernard Shaw
  2. " No accounting for tastes," Norton replied, rather grumly. – Trading by Susan Warner
  3. More and more in the time which they were alone they fell into the habits which their individual tastes developed. – Angel Island by Inez Haynes Gillmore
  4. Olga's remark that the India to which Nick had introduced her was wholly unlike her expectations had been called forth by some comment of his upon the Rajah's exceedingly British tastes. – The Keeper of the Door by Ethel M. Dell
  5. If it were not so, how easy it would be for people to live in groups and circles, with common interests and tastes, to encourage each other to believe in beautiful things, and to practise ardent thoughts and generous dreams. – Joyous Gard by Arthur Christopher Benson
  6. What she saw did not interest her much; certainly her tastes were on the level with those of a very young child. – Hilda Wade A Woman With Tenacity Of Purpose by Grant Allen
  7. It tastes all right- what there is of it. – Ship's Company, The Entire Collection by W.W. Jacobs
  8. Besides, we have made different friends now, and our tastes are different. – If I May by A. A. Milne
  9. Is there not within us a vague aspiration to do well and be something good and fine, according to our means and tastes? – Heart and Soul by Victor Mapes (AKA Maveric Post)
  10. Her tastes were not sufficiently domestic. – Lover or Friend by Rosa Nouchette Carey
  11. For a race of simple tastes, however, it is great fun. – The Napoleon of Notting Hill by Gilbert K. Chesterton
  12. Supper tastes twice as good down here. – Killykinick by Mary T. Waggaman
  13. He was a man of wealth, and must have had a very good time in England, for he studied well the manners and customs of the nobility; and as his own habits and tastes were those which he observed in the great houses of England, he here received a social education which had a great effect upon his future career. – Stories of New Jersey by Frank Richard Stockton
  14. Tastes of that sort must be acquired in the schools. – The Aspirations of Jean Servien by Anatole France
  15. When Captain Pole's turn came an ox was killed, as a thoughtful attention to the peculiar tastes of his nation. – The Best Psychic Stories by Various
  16. You and I always have the same tastes, Fredi. – One of Our Conquerors, Complete by George Meredith Last Updated: March 7, 2009
  17. How good it tastes as we lie at full length on the matted brown leaves! – The Jonathan Papers by Elisabeth Woodbridge Morris
  18. Bonaparte had many singular habits and tastes. – The Project Gutenberg Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte by Bourrienne, Constant, and Stewarton
  19. I know nothing of business, Sir Robert; my tastes do not lie that way. – The Yellow God An Idol of Africa by H. Rider Haggard