Definitions of tartar

  1. a salt used especially in baking powder
  2. A correction which often incrusts the teeth, consisting of salivary mucus, animal matter, and phosphate of lime.
  3. A person of a keen, irritable temper.
  4. See Tartarus.
  5. A native or inhabitant of Tartary in Asia; a member of any one of numerous tribes, chiefly Moslem, of Turkish origin, inhabiting the Russian Europe; - written also, more correctly but less usually, Tatar.
  6. A white substance often found encrusting the teeth; the salt of tartaric acid, found in grape juice.
  7. A resident of Tartary: better called Tatary: tartar, a person of irritable temper; a person who is too strong for an assailant. Also, Tatar.
  8. A salt which forms on the sides of casks containing wine ( when pure, called cream of tartar): a concretion which sometimes forms on the teeth: an irritable person, one unexpectedly too strong for his opponent.
  9. Hell. " Follow me. - To the gates of Tartar, thou most excellent devil of wit."- Shak.
  10. A native of Tartary: a name rather loosely applied to members of various Mongolian or Turanian peoples in Asia and Europe: a name given to couriers employed by the Ottoman Porte, and by the European ambassadors in Constantinople.
  11. An acid salt deposited from wine; concretion on the teeth.
  12. Tartareous, tartarous.
  13. An acid substance deposited from fermenting grape- juice.
  14. A yellowish incrustation on the teeth.
  15. One of a people originating in Chinese Tatary ( Manchuria and Mongolia); a Turk, Cossack, etc.; also, the dialects spoken by these peoples.
  16. One of the Mongols of the 13th century who ravaged Europe and Asia.
  17. A person of savage temper: in this sense always Tartar.
  18. An acid concrete salt, being a tartrate of potash, formed from wines completely fermented, and adhering to the sides of casks in the form of a hard crust; common cream of tartar; the concretion which incrusts the teeth. Tartar emetic, a double salt, consisting of tartaric acid in combination with potassa and protoxide of antimony.
  19. A native of Tartary; a person of a keen, irritable temper. To catch a tartar, to lay hold of or encounter a person who proves too strong for the assailant.
  20. The white or reddish acid substance which gathers on the sides of casks and vats containing wine, in the form of a hard crust, and frequently as a white crust on the teeth.
  21. An inhabitant or native of Tartary; one who proves too strong or cunning for his assailant, as in the phrase, " to catch a Tartar".
  22. Same as TATAR.
  23. Tartaric.