Usage examples for tailor

  1. It was Michael Dubin, the young Jewish tailor who had spent fifteen days in jail with Peter. – 100%: The Story of a Patriot by Upton Sinclair
  2. How he must worry his tailor – On the Heels of De Wet by The Intelligence Officer
  3. Then a tailor was produced who gave it as his opinion that Finn's coat had been lately worn with the collar raised. – Phineas Redux by Anthony Trollope
  4. A master tailor paying more shall forfeit 5 pounds. – Our Legal Heritage, 4th Ed. by S. A. Reilly
  5. Our system of attending to people by mail is so exact- and our knowledge and skill so great- that no matter how far away you are we can fit you correctly with a Cluthe Truss just as surely as a high class tailor could fit you with a suit of clothes after taking your measurements himself. – Cluthe's Advice to the Ruptured by Chas. Cluthe & Sons
  6. We will hold her to that; and then, when she has given a sort of a promise to the Earl, we will take care that the tailor shall know it. – Lady Anna by Anthony Trollope
  7. What if the cross- legged tailor is supporting a boy in college who is one day going to mend your state constitution for you? – The Promised Land by Mary Antin
  8. Good- by until later, Mr. Tailor – Seeing Things at Night by Heywood Broun
  9. And I guess he spoke the truth, for I never met a Giant Rabbit in my tailor's shop, although I once had a giant bill from my tailor – Billy Bunny and Uncle Bull Frog by David Magie Cory
  10. Why shouldn't I be a tailor – Iermola by Joseph Ignatius Kraszewksi
  11. She had worn it several times following because she had not another tailor made gown to equal it, and Richard's pocket must not suffer from her extravagance in dresses. – The Song of Songs by Hermann Sudermann
  12. Madam, I said, I owe nothing to my tailor – Annals of a Quiet Neighbourhood by George MacDonald
  13. I must get a new tailor said I. What! – Arms and the Woman by Harold MacGrath
  14. The tailor has promised the clothes on Saturday without fail; so that you or I must go for them. – The Children of the New Forest by Captain Marryat
  15. Charles Lamb knew a man who wanted to be a tailor once, but hadn't got the spirit. – The Martian by George Du Maurier
  16. His tailor like his doctor was apt to become a friend. – Gilbert Keith Chesterton by Maisie Ward
  17. This ain't the first time we've talked about a new uniform, and somehow or other the tailor happened around this afternoon with one that looks as if it might fit you. – An Amateur Fireman by James Otis
  18. Look at this black uniform; it is quite new, the tailor delivered it only yesterday. – NAPOLEON AND BLUCHER by L. Muhlbach
  19. They believe it is the money he wants, and when they call him a tailor they think that he must be mean. – Lady Anna by Anthony Trollope