Definitions of syllable

  1. To utter or express in syllables.
  2. a unit of spoken language larger than a phoneme; " the word ` pocket' has two syllables"
  3. An elementary sound, or a combination of elementary sounds, uttered together, or with a single effort or impulse of the voice, and constituting a word or a part of a word. In other terms, it is a vowel or a diphtong, either by itself or flanked by one or more consonants, the whole produced by a single impulse or utterance. One of the liquids, l, m, n, may fill the place of a vowel in a syllable. Adjoining syllables in a word or phrase need not to be marked off by a pause, but only by such an abatement and renewal, or reenforcement, of the stress as to give the feeling of separate impulses. See Guide to Pronunciation, / 275.
  4. In writing and printing, a part of a word, separated from the rest, and capable of being pronounced by a single impulse of the voice. It may or may not correspond to a syllable in the spoken language.
  5. A small part of a sentence or discourse; anything concise or short; a particle.
  6. That part of a word which can be clearly spoken by a single effort of the voice; in writing and printing, such a part of a word separated from the rest of the word.
  7. Several letters taken together so as to form one sound: a word or part of a word uttered by a single effort of the voice: a small part of a sentence.
  8. Word, or part of a word, uttered by a single impulse of the voice.
  9. A single vocal sound forming a word, or part of a word.
  10. A letter or combination of letters uttered together by a single impulsion of the voice; a small part of a sentence; a particle.