Definitions of switch

  1. To whip or lash with a switch; make a lashing motion.
  2. To shift from one track to another, as a car.
  3. To whip or lash with a thin, flexible rod; to swing or jerk; as, to switch cane; to shift to another track; shift to another circuit, as electric light.
  4. To strike with a switch: to transfer a carriage from one line of rails to another by a switch.
  5. To strike with a switch; move on to a switch.
  6. change over, change around, or switch over
  7. lay aside, abandon, or leave for another; " switch to a different brand of beer"; " She switched psychiatrists"; " The car changed lanes"
  8. To strike with a switch; to transfer by a switch; to shunt.
  9. To strike with a flexible rod or twig.
  10. control consisting of a mechanical or electrical or electronic device for making or breaking or changing the connections in a circuit
  11. a basketball maneuver; two defensive players shift assignments so that each guards the player usually guarded by the other
  12. a flexible implement used as an instrument of punishment
  13. railroad track having two movable rails and necessary connections; used to turn a train from one track to another or to store rolling stock
  14. hairpiece consisting of a tress of false hair; used by women to give shape to a coiffure
  15. flog with or as if with a flexible rod
  16. cause to go on or to be engaged or set in operation; " switch on the light"; " throw the lever"
  17. A device for shifting an electric current to another circuit, or for making and breaking a circuit.
  18. A small, flexible twig or rod.
  19. A movable part of a rail; or of opposite rails, for transferring cars from one track to another.
  20. A separate mass or trees of hair, or of some substance ( at jute) made to resemble hair, worn on the head by women.
  21. A mechanical device for shifting an electric current to another circuit.
  22. To strike with a switch or small flexible rod; to whip.
  23. To swing or whisk; as, to switch a cane.
  24. To trim, as, a hedge.
  25. To turn from one railway track to another; to transfer by a switch; -- generally with off, from, etc.; as, to switch off a train; to switch a car from one track to another.
  26. To shift to another circuit.
  27. To walk with a jerk.
  28. A small, thin, flexible rod; a movable section of rail for shifting cars from one track to another; a device for making, breaking, or shifting electric circuits; a tress of false hair, used by women in hair dressing.
  29. A small flexible twig: a movable rail and its appendages used for transferring a car or an entire railway train from one track to another.
  30. A flexible twig; movable rail on a railroad; siding.
  31. A small flexible rod; light whip.
  32. A tress of hair.
  33. A mechanism for shifting a railway train, an electric current, etc.
  34. The act of switching.
  35. A small flexible twig, or rod; a movable rail for transferring a railway train or car from one line to another.
  36. A thin flexible branch of a tree; a twig; on the permanent way of a railway, a movable part of a rail for the purpose of transferring a carriage from one line or track to another.
  37. ( baseball) able to bat either right- handed or left- handed; " a switch hitter"