Definitions of swiss

  1. of or relating to Switzerland or its people or culture; " the Swiss army"
  2. the people of Switzerland
  3. the natives or inhabitants of Switzerland
  4. A native or inhabitant of Switzerland; a Switzer; the people of Switzerland.
  5. Pertaining to Switzerland, its language, or its people.
  6. A native or inhabitant of Switzerland.
  7. Of or belonging to Switzerland.
  8. A native of Switzerland: the language of Switzerland.
  9. A native, or the natives of, Switzerland; language of the Swiss.
  10. Of Switzerland.
  11. Pertaining to Switzerland, an Alpine republic of central Europe.

Usage examples for swiss

  1. Pilatus was formerly one of the best known Swiss mountains, but in later years it was supplanted by the Rigi. – Shepp's Photographs of the World by James W. Shepp Daniel B. Shepp
  2. The war has brought to light the weak spot in the Swiss character. – The Forerunners by Romain Rolland
  3. On arriving in England she proceeded, with Claire and her little William, with his Swiss nurse Elise, to Bath, where Claire passed as Mrs. Clairemont. – Mrs. Shelley by Lucy M. Rossetti
  4. Curiously enough, the only trains running on anything approaching a schedule in the Balkans were those loaded with Swiss goods and belonging to the Swiss Government. – The New Frontiers of Freedom from the Alps to the Ægean by Edward Alexander Powell
  5. On Sunday, the 2nd of June, Benzualde and his Swiss withdrew from Law's house. – The Memoirs of Louis XIV., Volume 13 And His Court and of The Regency by Duc de Saint-Simon
  6. He was a native of Switzerland and was an officer in the Swiss Guards, in the service of the King of France, in 1823, and for some years afterwards. – Personal Reminiscences of Early Days in California with Other Sketches; To Which Is Added the Story of His Attempted Assassination by a Former Associate on the Supreme Bench of the State by Stephen Field; George C. Gorham
  7. Yes, fair Queen Marie Antoinette, thou hast thy Swiss guards, who fight for thee, and thou must pay them; but I have only one soldier who takes ground for me against thee, and whom I do not have to pay at all. – Marie Antoinette And Her Son by Louise Muhlbach Official
  8. Shall we go in and find out the time of the Swiss express? – The Chink in the Armour by Marie Belloc Lowndes
  9. They were perplexed at the absence of news, but consoled themselves with the thought that transportation from the Swiss frontier might be in the same condition as at the Western front, so they decided they would not remain long in the city. – The Boy Volunteers with the French Airmen by Kenneth Ward
  10. While a band of brave and devoted Swiss guards was being cut to pieces in hundreds, the feeble and futile king had fled to the Assembly and was sitting safely with his wife and children in a box behind the president's chair. – The Story of Paris by Thomas Okey
  11. None but a Swiss would build an hotel here, and few but English would frequent it. – Faces and Places by Henry William Lucy
  12. Why don't the Entente abolish them and insist on a Swiss Militia here? – The New Germany by George Young
  13. In this gallery, and in the salon, there were always during the night several beds, in which, for security's sake, certain Swiss guards and servants slept. – The Memoirs of Louis XIV., His Court and The Regency, Complete by Duc de Saint-Simon
  14. For unusually fine work, tool- makers and watch- makers use the Swiss or Groubet files- so called from their being made by M. Groubet, of Switzerland. – Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II by Joshua Rose
  15. As soon as the Countess is gone, the servants will very probably go out, and there will be nobody left but the Swiss, but he usually goes to sleep in his lodge. – Best Russian Short Stories by Various
  16. Is your Swiss still in there? – Life Blood by Thomas Hoover
  17. The words were scarce out of his mouth when we heard a loud rap on the door, which I opened to discover a Swiss fellow in a private livery, come to say that his master begged the young gentleman would sup with him. – Richard Carvel, Complete by Winston Churchill Last Updated: March 5, 2009
  18. If we return we shall meet the Swiss and the foot- soldiers, who are marching in this direction. – Cinq Mars, Complete by Alfred de Vigny Last Updated: March 3, 2009
  19. Genuine affability like an open air Swiss cottage in a summer meadow. – Sympathetic Magic by Paul Cameron Brown
  20. He has not much heart, that Swiss, though he is so fond of the Servians. – Arms and the Man by George Bernard Shaw