Definitions of swim

  1. To be supported on water or other fluid; to float; to move in water by hands and feet, or by fins; to glide smoothly; to be flooded; to be dizzy; to overflow; to abound.
  2. To move in or pass through ( water) by movements of the limbs, fins, or the like; float.
  3. To cause to swim or float; to pass over, or through, by swimming; as, to swim a river.
  4. To pass by swimming: to make to swim or float:- pr. p. swimming; pa. t. swam; pa. p. swam or swum.
  5. To pass by swimming.
  6. To float, as on water or other liquid; to propel or push oneself forward in the water with the hands and feet, or fins and tail; to glide smoothly; to have great abundance; as, to swim in luxury; be dizzy; as, the head swims.
  7. To float, as opp. to sink: to move on or in water: to be borne along by a current: to glide along with a waving motion: to be dizzy: to be drenched: to overflow: to abound.
  8. To float; move on, or in, water; glide along; be dizzy; overflow.
  9. To be dizzy.
  10. To cause to swim; to pass or move on; to immerse in water, that the lighter parts may swim.
  11. To move about on the surface of water by movements of the hands and legs; to move through water by means of fins, as fish; to be carried along on the surface of water; to float on water; to cause to swim; not to sink; to have a waving feeling in the head, when the visible scene appears in unsteady movement like the surface of water; to be dizzy.
  12. travel through water; " We had to swim for 20 minutes to reach the shore"; " a big fish was swimming in the tank"
  13. To be supported by water or other fluid; not to sink; to float; as, any substance will swim, whose specific gravity is less than that of the fluid in which it is immersed.
  14. To move progressively in water by means of strokes with the hands and feet, or the fins or the tail.
  15. To be overflowed or drenched.
  16. Fig.: To be as if borne or floating in a fluid.
  17. To be filled with swimming animals.
  18. To pass or move over or on by swimming; as, to swim a stream.
  19. To cause or compel to swim; to make to float; as, to swim a horse across a river.
  20. To immerse in water that the lighter parts may float; as, to swim wheat in order to select seed.
  21. The act of swimming; a gliding motion, like that of one swimming.
  22. The sound, or air bladder, of a fish.
  23. A part of a stream much frequented by fish.
  24. To be dizzy; to have an unsteady or reeling sensation; as, the head swims.
  25. Swimmer.
  26. Swimming.
  27. Act of swimming: any motion like swimming: air bladder of a fish.
  28. The action of swimming.
  29. A gliding, swaying movement.
  30. Act of swimming; a swimming movement; the air- bladder of a fish.
  31. A movement on the surface of water; the air- bladder of a fish which supports it in water.
  32. Swam, swum.
  33. Swam.