Usage examples for suspicious

  1. This method of diagnosis should be resorted to in all suspicious cases of skin disease, and before the disease has developed to any great extent. – Common Diseases of Farm Animals by R. A. Craig, D. V. M.
  2. Everything's suspicious when folks get scared. – Prudence of the Parsonage by Ethel Hueston
  3. He was obviously uneasy and suspicious. – Hawk Carse by Anthony Gilmore
  4. Ranjoor Singh looked suspicious. – Winds of the World by Talbot Mundy
  5. I don't like to deal with them; women seem naturally suspicious. – The Expressman and the Detective by Allan Pinkerton
  6. It may be merely anxiety, but I'm growing suspicious of every one now. – Gulmore, The Boss by Frank Harris
  7. Be suspicious of your doubts, then, and remember that probably they are wrong. – Our Unitarian Gospel by Minot Savage
  8. But I must tell you both something very suspicious that happened. – The Eagle's Nest by S. E. Cartwright
  9. They couldn't understand it at all, and it is always best to be suspicious of things you cannot understand. – The Adventures of Lightfoot the Deer by Thornton W. Burgess
  10. Yes; and that made me suspicious. – A Double Knot by George Manville Fenn
  11. He became restless and suspicious, often starting. – A New System; or, an Analysis of Antient Mythology. Volume I. by Jacob Bryant
  12. I'll make a careful search of the house before I settle down, and if I find anything at all suspicious, I'll promise to let you know. – The Bat by Avery Hopwood Mary Roberts Rinehart
  13. I'm always suspicious of Sube when he does anything he ought to. – Sube Cane by Edward Bellamy Partridge
  14. His being alone was of itself a suspicious circumstance, as elephants usually go, from two to twenty, or even fifty, in a herd. – Popular Adventure Tales by Mayne Reid
  15. I am suspicious of that Madam Imbert. – The Expressman and the Detective by Allan Pinkerton
  16. As soon as Frank had time to think the matter over, he wondered why he had not known that something suspicious was going on. – Frank on a Gun-Boat by Harry Castlemon
  17. Indeed, he was, in a business sense, suspicious. – Carolyn of the Corners by Ruth Belmore Endicott