Usage examples for surprising

  1. Unfortunately for this, she could not resist the temptation to glance at Martin Trevor- she had not seen him for some time, and it was surprising to meet him in the middle of the week, as he generally came home only for week- ends. – Joanna Godden by Sheila Kaye-Smith
  2. How that one, indeed, came there is surprising. – On the Banks of the Amazon by W.H.G. Kingston
  3. What is there surprising in that? – Cosmopolis, Complete by Paul Bourget Last Updated: March 3, 2009
  4. I hope it isn't very surprising. – Entire PG Edition of The Works of William Dean Howells by William Dean Howells
  5. Then a surprising thing happened. – The Desired Woman by Will N. Harben
  6. The effect of pictures in this place is surprising. – Vailima-Letters by Stevenson, Robert Louis
  7. This sudden change of treatment had a most surprising effect. – Valerie by Frederick Marryat
  8. The beauty and simplicity of many of these things is surprising, and yet they have required neither unusual talent or careful training. – How to make rugs by Candace Wheeler
  9. I guess Ward don't think it's anything surprising that you're getting along so well, Billy Louise. – The Ranch at the Wolverine by B. M. Bower
  10. After this defeat, it is not surprising that Tehrak made no further effort. – Ancient Egypt by George Rawlinson Other: Arthur Gilman
  11. But there need be nothing surprising in the fact, after all. – Venetian Life by W. D. Howells
  12. The surprising thing about the visitors was that they played as though they were just having an afternoon of good fun. – Left End Edwards by Ralph Henry Barbour
  13. It is surprising what an interest I take in water. – Travels in the Great Desert of Sahara, in the Years of 1845 and 1846 by James Richardson
  14. Then that is the explanation of the note I got this very day from our surprising Sister Agnes. – The Corner House Girls on Palm Island by Grace Brooks Hill Thelma Gooch
  15. Yet it was not so surprising, perhaps, when one considered her teacher. – Fanny Herself by Edna Ferber
  16. At these words of the missionary, the soldier drew himself up erect, looked upon Gabriel with astonishment, and said, " This is most surprising!" – The Wandering Jew, Book II. by Eugene Sue
  17. What followed was even more surprising. – Grace Harlowe's Second Year at Overton College by Jessie Graham Flower
  18. It is so slightly constructed as to be seen through, and it appears quite surprising that so large a bird, to say nothing of the weight of the three or four young ones, does not entirely destroy it." – The Nests and Eggs of Indian Birds, Volume 1 by Allan O. Hume