Definitions of supporter

  1. a support for the genitals worn by men engaging in strenuous exercise
  2. One who, or that which, supports; as, oxygen is a supporter of life.
  3. Especially, an adherent; one who sustains, advocates, and defends; as, the supporter of a party, faction, or candidate.
  4. A knee placed under the cathead.
  5. A figure, sometimes of a man, but commonly of some animal, placed on either side of an escutcheon, and exterior to it. Usually, both supporters of an escutcheon are similar figures.
  6. One who supports or maintains; as, one who gives aid or helps to carry on; a defender; an advocate; a vindicator; as, the supporters of the war, the supporters of religion, morality, justice, etc.: " Worthy supporters of such a reigning impiety."- South: an adherent; one who takes part: as, the supporter of a party or faction: one who accompanies another on some public occasion as an aid or attendant; one who seconds or strengthens by aid or countenance: a sustainer; a comforter; " The saints have a companion and supporter in all their miseries."- South: that which supports or upholds; that upon which anything is placed; a support, a prop, a pillar, etc.; " A building set upon supporters."- Mortimer: in shipbuilding, a knee placed under the cathead: in surg. a broad, elastic, or cushioned band or truss for the support of any part or organ, as the abdomen.
  7. One who or that which supports or maintains; a sustainer; a maintainer; a defender; a vindicator; an adherent; a knee placed under the cat- head.
  8. One who gives aid or help; a defender; an adherent; that which supports; in her., a figure, originally of some animal, placed on the side of the scroll as if to support it.