Usage examples for Subito

  1. And I may say of him, as was said of a celebrated poet, Cui unquam poetarum magis proprium fuit subito astro incalescere? – The Works Of John Dryden, Vol. 7 (of 18) The Duke of Guise; Albion and Albanius; Don Sebastian by John Dryden
  2. Cuius subito adventu repressus Hannibal receptui cecinit, palam confessus ab se Minucium, se a Fabio victum esse. – Selections from Viri Romae by Charles François L'Homond
  3. Where we paint now, subito – The Veiled Lady and Other Men and Women by F. Hopkinson Smith
  4. In qua, subito a lictoribus quos regina non procul absconderat, rex innocens suffocatus expirauit. – Beowulf An Introduction to the Study of the Poem with a Discussion of the Stories of Offa and Finn by R. W. Chambers
  5. Io ritornato in Corte ebbi subito la notizia del secreto sbarco dell' Abbatucci nelle spiaggie di Solenzara. – Boswell's Correspondence with the Honourable Andrew Erskine, and His Journal of a Tour to Corsica by James Boswell
  6. Luck shows some independence from Lenz, at i 16 printing hanc for ah, at iii 27 sed et for subito at viii 71 mauis for maius, at viii 86 distet for distat, at ix 73 laxate for iactate, at xii 13 producatur for ut dicatur, and at xiv 7 muter for mittar, each time rightly. – The Last Poems of Ovid by Ovid