Definitions of Strode

  1. See Strude.
  2. imp. of Stride.
  3. Past tense of the verb stride.
  4. Imp. Of STRIDE, v.
  5. See stride.

Usage examples for Strode

  1. Mr. Sam strode across to her. – Shining Ferry by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  2. Past the mill, and down the road to the house strode Darrin, but his moving feet made hardly a sound. – Dave Darrin at Vera Cruz by H. Irving Hancock
  3. He looked down at her solemnly, thoughtfully, no trace of anger in his face, turned, and without another word strode off in the direction of Coniston Flat. – Coniston, Book I. by Winston Churchill
  4. He dropped it into his pocket, put on his hat and strode down the aisle. – The New Boy at Hilltop by Ralph Henry Barbour
  5. I stood before the King, cried aloud the Bayete, and strode off. – The White Shield by Bertram Mitford
  6. He, however, took her up again, and strode away with her. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  7. Or else- Asaki strode down to join his men. – Voodoo Planet by Andrew North
  8. Mr. Evringham wheeled and strode back to the child. – Jewel A Chapter In Her Life by Clara Louise Burnham
  9. Then he got to his feet and strode across the garden to where Swing Tunstall sat his horse. – The Heart of the Range by William Patterson White
  10. Having watched him out of sight, he sprang up suddenly and strode off towards the Mission in the hope of news. – The Valley of the Kings by Marmaduke Pickthall
  11. He sprang to his feet and strode to the middle of the room. – What Dreams May Come by Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton
  12. He shrugged his shoulders, like a man accustomed to that sort of danger, and strode up and down in silence. – The Crystal Stopper by Maurice LeBlanc
  13. He strode forward quickly, and, leaning across the table, stared into his father's eyes. – The Grey Cloak by Harold MacGrath
  14. Nick strode up to me. – The Complete PG Edition of The Works of Winston Churchill by Winston Churchill
  15. The Captain arose, dropped his paper in his chair, and strode to the door. – Princess Polly At Play by Amy Brooks
  16. The young man followed her, wondering at her, and giving slight heed to the chatter she flung over her shoulder at him as she strode along through the bushes. – The Sky Pilot in No Man's Land by Ralph Connor
  17. The doctor swore a great oath under his breath and without further words strode from the room. – The Doctor A Tale Of The Rockies by Ralph Connor
  18. The doctor strode into the cook- house. – The Doctor A Tale Of The Rockies by Ralph Connor