Definitions of stretching

  1. exercise designed to extend the limbs and muscles to their full extent
  2. act of expanding by lengthening or widening
  3. a. & amp; n. from Stretch, v.
  4. The act of one who or that which stretches.

Usage examples for stretching

  1. Beyond were house- tops and tree- tops of the town; and beyond these lay the country- stretching away to his home. – The Mettle of the Pasture by James Lane Allen
  2. " I'm some mess myself," he said, stretching his great arms. – A Man to His Mate by J. Allan Dunn
  3. The curtain- stretching days were long past. – Half Portions by Edna Ferber
  4. He rose, too, awkwardly stretching out his hand for hers. – Master of the Vineyard by Myrtle Reed
  5. Well, Connie, look down into the great hollow there, with rocks and sand at the bottom of it, stretching far away. – The Seaboard Parish, Complete by George MacDonald
  6. The man at the wheel straightened up and got down, stretching his legs. – Man to Man by Jackson Gregory
  7. I don't need any stretching on the outside. – Abe Lincoln Gets His Chance by Frances Cavanah
  8. In the eastward, a range of tabular masses, some almost clear of wood, extended apparently to the coast ranges; and seemed to be also connected with those stretching towards Bindango, and separating the basin of the upper Balonne from this interior country. – Journal of an Expedition into the Interior of Tropical Australia In Search of a Route from Sydney to the Gulf of Carpentaria (1848) by Lt. Col. Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchell Kt. D.C.L. (1792-1855) Surveyor-General of New South Wales by Thomas Mitchell
  9. " Siyakubona, Macumazahn," he said, stretching out his hand to me, which I took, though I could not find it in my heart to wish him " good day." – Child of Storm by H. Rider Haggard
  10. Constance, when she descended, saw stretching across one side of the breakfast- table an umbrella, Sophia's present to her from Paris. – The Old Wives' Tale by Arnold Bennett
  11. Was not she stretching her great lips in a smile? – The Way of Ambition by Robert Hichens
  12. " And plenty of it," sighed the other, stretching his tired legs and finding a new position. – The Lilac Girl by Ralph Henry Barbour
  13. Go forth," said Mr. Pecksniff, stretching out his hand, " go forth, young man! – The World's Greatest Books, Vol III by Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton, Eds.
  14. The cries of a woman had little effect there, for beyond bringing out a couple more of the Malay women, Helen's appeals for help seemed to create no excitement; and she was beginning to feel that her efforts would prove in vain, when she saw a figure come from amongst the trees, and stretching out her hands towards it, she made one last effort to reach what she had looked upon as safety. – One Maid's Mischief by George Manville Fenn
  15. Most of them had their arms extended as if they had been stretching themselves. – Napoleon's Campaign in Russia Anno 1812 by Achilles Rose
  16. To- morrow, in the course of the day, I will speak with her, and, if she pleases me- you must grant me that condition, my dear- if she pleases me, then, stretching out both hands to the young man, what reward shall I obtain if I win your plaything for you? – Boris Lensky by Ossip Schubin
  17. " Charley, my son," said Sir Philip, stretching out one hand to take his son's, and speaking in a voice that showed how he was moved, " thank you, thank you; you have made me very happy." – By Birth a Lady by George Manville Fenn
  18. " Please don't mention it," said Bertha, mechanically stretching out her hand to him. – Bertha Garlan by Arthur Schnitzler
  19. But he, stretching his unarmed hands on high, exclaimed, Hear him, O dread ones of the night! – The Pilgrims Of The Rhine by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  20. The two wings, stretching at right angles from the main building, formed a narrow court. – The Abandoned Room by Wadsworth Camp