Usage examples for stiffened

  1. I know that you terrified her into secrecy, and then, when- when her brain gave way and there was no way of escape for you- I know that you- that you- that you-" Her lips stiffened. – The Keeper of the Door by Ethel M. Dell
  2. As the regiment stiffened, Steadman stepped to the head of his company. – Mortmain by Arthur Cheny Train
  3. I stiffened and said, 'No, monsieur. – Home Fires in France by Dorothy Canfield
  4. I stiffened and flushed. – The Portal of Dreams by Charles Neville Buck
  5. " We have suffered in vain," he said at last, " and you are cold and stiffened with long standing. – Rose of Dutcher's Coolly by Hamlin Garland