Definitions of steadying

  1. causing to become steady; " had a steadying effect on her nerves"
  2. of Steady

Usage examples for steadying

  1. The bowman it is who leaps out first when there is " tracking"- pulling the craft up- stream by tow- line- who stands waist high in ice water steadying the rocking bark lest a sudden swirl spill furs to the bottom, who hands out the packs to the others when the waters are too turbulent for " tracking" and there must be a " portage," and who leads the brigade on a run- half trot, half amble- overland to the calmer currents. – The Story of the Trapper by A. C. Laut
  2. I know not how it is, says an English writer, but their commerce with the ancients appears to me to produce, in those who constantly practise it, a steadying and composing effect upon their judgment, not of literary works only, but of men and events in general. – Character by Samuel Smiles
  3. Phil scrambled to his feet, steadying himself with a hand on the table. – The-Circus-Boys-on-the-Flying-Rings-or-Making-the-Start-in-the-Sawdust-Life by Darlington, Edgar B. P.
  4. Yet by a great effort he stood upright, steadying himself by the edge of the table; and through all his mental and physical misery he saw Iris' grey eyes fixed upon his face with a great pity in their depths. – Afterwards by Kathlyn Rhodes
  5. Steadying himself by one hand on the low rail, Dunn drew his revolver with the other. – In the Carquinez Woods by Bret Harte