Definitions of stays

  1. a woman's close- fitting foundation garment

Usage examples for stays

  1. Enter Don Pedro, sees Antonio, and stays. – The Works of Aphra Behn, Vol. I (of 6) by Aphra Behn
  2. It opens of itself at a touch, or it stays shut." – The Truants by A. E. W. (Alfred Edward Woodley) Mason
  3. If he stays on here I'll try to be his friend. – The Garden Of Allah by Robert Hichens
  4. She'll be the death by shock of some of the Champo people if she stays another three months. – Flamsted quarries by Mary E. Waller
  5. One stays on the asteroid with us. – Rip Foster in Ride the Gray Planet by Harold Leland Goodwin
  6. In that case the affairs of the company are apt to alter much, for good or for evil; sometimes it becomes more successful, sometimes it is ruined, but it hardly ever stays as it was. – The English Constitution by Walter Bagehot
  7. I wonder sometimes why they are there, and why Mr. Andrew stays away." – Jeanne of the Marshes by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  8. If he stays, he is my friend. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  9. But the sin stays. – The Other Girls by Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney
  10. Time stays, we go. – Garden Ornaments by Mary H. Northend
  11. No one stays behind; but many go up to the windows of the tower, among them the Queen, her ladies and damsels, of whom she had many with her who were fair. – Four Arthurian Romances "Erec et Enide", "Cliges", "Yvain", and "Lancelot" by Chretien DeTroyes
  12. He stays in his office, which is how money is made. – For the Allinson Honor by Harold Bindloss
  13. And the snow and cold stays on as if spring would never come. – A Little Girl in Old Quebec by Amanda Millie Douglas
  14. That's where he stays most of the time. – Torchy by Sewell Ford
  15. It's all right as long as one of you stays awake. – A Campfire Girl's Test of Friendship by Jane L. Stewart
  16. He stays here, in defiance of my wishes and against all reason. – The Unwilling Vestal by Edward Lucas White
  17. General Washington simply remarked, At all events, Mr Hurry is welcome here as long as he stays with us. – Hurricane Hurry by W.H.G. Kingston
  18. My, but you have grown tall, and keep slim, so there will be less for stays to do. – A Little Girl in Old Philadelphia by Amanda Minnie Douglas
  19. " Oh, my liquor never stays by me a great while," Racey told him easily. – The Heart of the Range by William Patterson White