Definitions of stay

  1. overcome or allay; " quell my hunger"
  2. the state of inactivity following an interruption; " the negotiations were in arrest"; " held them in check"; " during the halt he got some lunch"; " the momentary stay enabled him to escape the blow"; " he spent the entire stop in his seat"
  3. continue in a place, position, or situation; " After graduation, she stayed on in Cambridge as a student adviser"; " Stay with me, please"; " despite student protests, he remained Dean for another year"; " She continued as deputy mayor for another year"
  4. stop or halt; " Please stay the bloodshed!"
  5. a trial of endurance; " ride out the storm"
  6. stay behind; " The smell stayed in the room"; " The hostility remained long after they made up"
  7. stay the same; remain in a certain state; " The dress remained wet after repeated attempts to dry it"; " rest assured"; " stay alone"; " He remained unmoved by her tears"; " The bad weather continued for another week"
  8. continuing or remaining in a place or state; " they had a nice stay in Paris"; " a lengthy hospital stay"; " a four- month stay in bankruptcy court"
  9. ( nautical) brace consisting of a heavy rope or wire cable used as a support for a mast or spar
  10. a thin strip of metal or bone that is used to stiffen a garment ( e. g. a corset)
  11. a judicial order forbidding some action until an event occurs or the order is lifted; " the Supreme Court has the power to stay an injunction pending an appeal to the whole Court"
  12. fasten with stays
  13. remain behind; " I had to stay at home and watch the children"
  14. stay put ( in a certain place); " We are staying in Detroit; we are not moving to Cincinnati"; " Stay put in the corner here!"; " Stick around and you will learn something!"
  15. stop a judicial process; " The judge stayed the execution order"
  16. dwell; " You can stay with me while you are in town"; " stay a bit longer-- the day is still young"
  17. A large, strong rope, employed to support a mast, by being extended from the head of one mast down to some other, or to some part of the vessel. Those which lead forward are called fore- and- aft stays; those which lead to the vessel's side are called backstays. See Illust. of Ship.
  18. To stop from motion or falling; to prop; to fix firmly; to hold up; to support.
  19. To support from sinking; to sustain with strength; to satisfy in part or for the time.
  20. To bear up under; to endure; to support; to resist successfully.
  21. To hold from proceeding; to withhold; to restrain; to stop; to hold.
  22. To hinde/; to delay; to detain; to keep back.
  23. To remain for the purpose of; to wait for.
  24. To cause to cease; to put an end to.
  25. To fasten or secure with stays; as, to stay a flat sheet in a steam boiler.
  26. To tack, as a vessel, so that the other side of the vessel shall be presented to the wind.
  27. To remain; to continue in a place; to abide fixed for a space of time; to stop; to stand still.
  28. To continue in a state.
  29. To wait; to attend; to forbear to act.
  30. To dwell; to tarry; to linger.
  31. To rest; to depend; to rely; to stand; to insist.
  32. To come to an end; to cease; as, that day the storm stayed.
  33. To hold out in a race or other contest; as, a horse stays well.
  34. To change tack; as a ship.
  35. That which serves as a prop; a support.
  36. A corset stiffened with whalebone or other material, worn by women, and rarely by men.
  37. Continuance in a place; abode for a space of time; sojourn; as, you make a short stay in this city.
  38. Cessation of motion or progression; stand; stop.
  39. Hindrance; let; check.
  40. Restraint of passion; moderation; caution; steadiness; sobriety.
  41. Strictly, a part in tension to hold the parts together, or stiffen them.
  42. A large, strong rope, usually of wire, which supports a mast; a prop; abode or continuance in a place; as, he made a long stay in Paris; a stand or stop; as, a stay of judgment.
  43. To hold up or support; to sustain; hold back; to put off for a time; to stiffen or steady, as a mast, by ropes.
  44. To remain; as, to stay at home all day; abide for a time; as, to stay at a hotel; to stand still.
  45. Stayer.
  46. Stayed.
  47. Staying.
  48. The bar of the horse's hoof.
  49. To remain: to abide for any time: to continue in a state: to wait: to cease acting: to dwell: to trust.
  50. To cause to stand: to stop: to restrain: to delay: to prevent from falling: to prop: to support:- pa. t. and pa. p. staid, stayed.
  51. Continuance in a place: abode for a time: stand: stop: a fixed state: ( B.) a stand- still: prop: support: ( naut.) a large strong rope running from the head of one mast to another mast (" fore- and- aft" stay), or to the side of the ship (" back"- stay):- pl. a kind of stiff inner waistcoat worn by women.
  52. Continuance; stop; delay; prop; support; rope supporting the mast of a ship.
  53. To remain; wait; cease acting; dwell.
  54. To stop; restrain; delay; prop; support.
  55. To stop; prop; post pone.
  56. To remain; tarry; halt.
  57. The act or time of staying.
  58. That which checks or stops.
  59. A prop; support.
  60. A stiffened bodice; corsets. To miss stays, to fail in attempting to tack.
  61. Continuance in a place; abode for a time; stand; stop; obstruction; fixed state; support; a large strong rope employed to support masts.
  62. To stop; to restrain; to delay; to obstruct; to abide; to keep from departure; to prop; to support.
  63. To remain; to continue in a place or a state; to wait; to stand still; to rest; to rely.
  64. In a ship, a strong rope extended from the head of a mast down to some part of the vessel in order to give it support- the stays of a ship are distinguished by different names.
  65. Continuance or abode in a place; a prop or support; in engin., a part in tension to hold parts together.
  66. To delay; to obstruct; to keep from departure; to repress; to remain or continue in a place; to wait; to forbear to act; to stop; to stand still; to rely; to prop or hold up.

Quotes of stay

  1. The challenging thing is that we go home after doing the run -through and the writers stay there working, so sometimes I get script changes delivered to me at midnight. It's constantly shifting. – Jillian Bach
  2. I don't know how to put it, but yet you know we have so many people who the way they look at life, the way they work depends on what happens, us winning or losing. It's kind of crazy. So, I kind of got caught up in that, I'm gonna try to stay away from that. – Mike Ditka
  3. And I'm happy to say that I'm able to find people wherever I go that are not black, not white- they're just human beings. That's where I am, where I've been and where I intend to stay – Chico Hamilton
  4. When your dreams tire, they go underground and out of kindness that's where they stay – Libby Houston
  5. I have a hard time believing athletes are overpriced. If an owner is losing money, give it up. It's a business. I have trouble figuring out why owners would stay in if they're losing money. – Reggie Jackson
  6. Architects are pretty much high -class whores. We can turn down projects the way they can turn down some clients, but we've both got to say yes to someone if we want to stay in business. – Philip Johnson
  7. Putin can't afford to leave the office because he will be in real danger of being prosecuted for things he and his people did during their stay in power. – Garry Kasparov
  8. I never wanted to retire. I wanted to kind of shift my work pattern so I could stay fresh and invigorated, and use the experience that I had gained in 30 years, but in a slightly different direction. – Bill Kurtis
  9. Some men like a dull life- they like the routine of eating breakfast, going to work, coming home, petting the dog, watching TV, kissing the kids, and going to bed. Stay clear of it- it's often catching. – Hedy Lamarr
  10. I'm looking forward to providing the men of Seattle with an evening where they can kick back, light up a cigar and enjoy a night to themselves. Women, we can't technically keep you out, but please stay at home. – Tom Leykis
  11. You can't stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes. – A. A. Milne
  12. Stay with us, please remain in this country and constitute a nation based on national unity. – Robert Mugabe
  13. I wouldn't, a little bit frightened but throughout my life I'd learnt that when you're in the serious situations, you've got to try to stay calm. Because that's the way you get out of them. – John Newcombe
  14. Either you decide to stay in the shallow end of the pool or you go out in the ocean. – Christopher Reeve
  15. You're always tellin' me to go out more, Go ahead, get out and see the world, But then I think, why should I? I'd rather stay home and cry. – Gwen Stefani

Usage examples for stay

  1. You will not stay – The Duke's Children by Anthony Trollope
  2. So you stay again with your father! – Beyond by John Galsworthy
  3. I will stay away. – A Double Knot by George Manville Fenn
  4. I may stay all night. – The Spiritualists and the Detectives by Allan Pinkerton
  5. I'll stay down here. – The Sea Bride by Ben Ames Williams
  6. Dick could not stay – The Breaking Point by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  7. Mr. Ditmar asked me to stay that was all. – The Dwelling Place of Light, Complete by Winston Churchill Last Updated: March 5, 2009
  8. Can she stay here? – The Planet Savers by Marion Zimmer Bradley
  9. " Then I will stay here," she said. – Moon of Israel by H. Rider Haggard
  10. But you can't stay there very long, There's work for you to do. – All About Johnnie Jones by Carolyn Verhoeff
  11. The old woman can stay with him." – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  12. It must stay just as it is. – Not Quite Eighteen by Susan Coolidge
  13. I knew you could not stay – The Double-Dealer by William Congreve
  14. I want to stay here so that I may be with you. – King Arthur's Socks and Other Village Plays by Floyd Dell
  15. You can't stay there like that. – Barks and Purrs by Colette Willy, aka Colette Translated by Maire Kelly
  16. Do stay Dr. Anstice! – Afterwards by Kathlyn Rhodes
  17. All right, said I, stay where you are. – The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson - Swanston Edition Vol. 17 (of 25) by Robert Louis Stevenson Other: Andrew Lang
  18. I shall not stay there all the time. – Haste and Waste by Oliver Optic
  19. Do let us stay where we are. – The Whirlpool by George Gissing
  20. Then let him stay – Ralph the Heir by Anthony Trollope

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