Definitions of statuary

  1. statues collectively
  2. The art of carving statues or images as representatives of real persons or things; a branch of sculpture.
  3. A collection of statues; statues, collectively.
  4. The art of carving statues: a statue or a collection of statues: one who makes statues: one who deals in statues.
  5. Art of carving statues; a collection of statues; sculptor.
  6. Statues, collectively considered.
  7. A statue maker.
  8. The art of making statues.
  9. The art of carving statues; a collection of statues; one who practises the art.
  10. One who carves images or statues; the art of carving figures out of stone, marble, & c., to represent human beings or animals; a collection of statues, or statues considered collectively.