Usage examples for stately

  1. The house was dignified mansion, full of stately old furniture, and if it had not been for its owner's cheery hospitality it would have been rather awe- inspiring to a little girl like Polly. – Polly of the Hospital Staff by Emma C. Dowd
  2. " These gentlemen," said Michael, with a stately courtesy which, to do him justice, he could assume with perfect grace and ease, " are the loyalest and most devoted of your Majesty's servants, and are my very faithful and attached friends." – The Prisoner of Zenda by Anthony Hope
  3. Jasper opened the curtains and came in, greeting Prosper in his stately, charming fashion. – The Branding Iron by Katharine Newlin Burt
  4. And then they all marched out of the room, each with his own glass, Mr. Moulder leading the way with stately step. – Orley Farm by Anthony Trollope
  5. In silence the people parted to make way for her, and, not hesitating a moment, she paced up to the King, her head thrown slightly back, proud, stately of bearing, as though she were a queen. – The White Shield by Bertram Mitford
  6. He bowed to her with stately grace. – 54-40 or Fight by Emerson Hough
  7. A stately ice stair was carried up from the ice to the starboard gunwale. – The Voyage of the Vega round Asia and Europe, Volume I and Volume II by A.E. Nordenskieold
  8. He stood watching her stately progress till the higher buildings farther down the town shut her from his sight; then picked his way through the washing and went down to his room to get his hat. – The Adventures of Sally by P. G. Wodehouse
  9. The stately animal had stopped washing her face and was looking at him curiously. – Anne Of The Island by Lucy Maud Montgomery
  10. I joined them in the parlor, and soon we had as stately a tree growing there as was in any home of joy that night in the river counties. – The-Brick-Moon-and-Other-Stories by Hale, Edward Everett
  11. " Now, let me tell you something," he said, leading Mary Louise to a seat beneath a beautiful tree in a large garden close by a stately castle. – The Iceberg Express by David Magie Cory
  12. When she entered the room where he was, she saw him rise with a stately bow. – The Man Who Rose Again by Joseph Hocking
  13. Instead of the fortifications and rude huts which Alfred had erected during his time of need, there rose the stately walls of a monastery. – A Maid at King Alfred’s Court by Lucy Foster Madison
  14. The house was not stately, nor very convenient. – A Journal of the Swedish Embassy in the Years 1653 and 1654, Vol II. by Bulstrode Whitelocke
  15. The Ristigouche is a noble stream, stately and swift and strong. – Little Rivers A Book Of Essays In Profitable Idleness by Henry van Dyke
  16. The carriage passed into the court of a stately mansion. – The Progressionists, and Angela. by Conrad von Bolanden
  17. Stately, formal, slightly rigid, decidedly cold, it suggested to the visitor that he would receive the courtesy to which his social position entitled him, and nothing more. – Without a Home by E. P. Roe
  18. " That is extremely likely," said the mother of Mr. Maurice, drawing herself up in a stately fashion. – The Time of Roses by L. T. Meade